Kaydon bearings used in CAT scanners

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Kaydon Reali-Slim thin-section bearings have become almost an industry-standard for CAT (computerised axial tomography) scanners used in medical diagnostics, for reasons of weight, space and reliability.

In medical diagnostics, CAT (computerised axial tomography) scanners produce detailed images of internal body organs by rotating x-ray generators and detectors around the patient. The need for high positioning accuracy is paramount in these systems and scanner manufacturers therefore need to be assured of the quality of components such as bearings.

Development is moving firmly in the direction of the production of faster systems to improve scanning time and reduce the patients' exposure to radiation. For this reason weight and space are key factors in improving the speed and performance of the moving elements. Kaydon Reali-Slim thin-section bearings have therefore become the choice for all major manufacturers of CAT scan equipment, according to RA Rodriguez. These bearings are primarily used in the mechanism that carries the x-ray head.

The Reali-Slim bearings specified by the leading names in the industry are generally custom-made to provide diameters of 1.27m (50 inches). Inherent to the design is the bearings' suitability for high-speed rotation, with minimum vibration and an ability to run quietly - which is an important consideration, especially for the patient.

These qualities are ensured by Kaydon's high-quality manufacturing processes. The Kaydon Corporation has been a leading producer of large-diameter custom bearings since its foundation in 1941. It manufactures combination load bearings up to nearly 4.6m in diameter and is claimed to be unique in the breadth of product capabilities offered.

Bearing life is another critical factor, as demand for CAT scanners in most hospitals far outweighs availability. Reliability is therefore crucial. Already considered to have an exceptional life rating, Reali-Slim bearings have recently been reassessed using a brand new methodology that integrates theoretical life projections with actual test data. The result is that many Kaydon Reali-Slim bearings exceed previously published figures by as much as five times.

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