High-voltage WEG motor tests large Sulzer pumps

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An 18,000kW, four-pole, high-voltage motor from WEG has been installed by Sulzer Pumps for testing large pumps.

WEG has manufactured and supplied an 18,000kW, four-pole, high-voltage (HV) motor to Sulzer Pumps for use in testing large pumps at its test facility in Leeds, UK. WEG is a worldwide supplier to Sulzer and the specification of the motor reflects this, allowing testing at either 50 or 60Hz.

The Leeds test facility is one of over seventeen that Sulzer operates worldwide. It offers horizontal, vertical, open-pit, high flow rate/high energy and multiphase testing. It has the capability to perform tests at 50 and 60Hz and offers a speciality of Sulzer Pumps: the ability to fully string test large high-energy pumps to prove pump packages to customers without having to build the sets at third-party sites. This is particularly important for critical offshore applications where on-site correction is both expensive and time-consuming. It is a service complemented by the scale of the testing itself, with tests of pumps and compressors absorbing over 25MW having been undertaken successfully. Sulzer is said to be the only pump manufacturer in the world able to undertake in-house testing on this scale.

Because of the need to provide non-stop pump testing, the WEG 18,000kW motor is rated for continuous operation, providing high levels of reliability. The same motor type, from WEG's M-Line range, is well proven in demanding oil and gas, power generation, steel, water treatment and papermaking sectors - all areas where Sulzer is a leading supplier of centrifugal pumps.

Outstanding performance and high efficiency

Designed for larger applications in the output range up to 20MW and voltage range to 13,800V, the M Line range of motors provides outstanding performance and high-efficiency operation. Key to this performance is a design that delivers excellent structural strength and low levels of vibration and noise.

The same design also provides Sulzer with the flexibility for eight different methods of cooling to meet the constraints of individual applications.

In addition to foot-mounted machines, which are available with either grease-lubricated rolling, or oil-lubricated plain bearings, the M Line range also offers vertical-shaft, flange-mounted medium- and high-voltage motors, which are individually designed to match the external thrust loads of specific applications.

About Sulzer Pumps

Sulzer Pumps has state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities located on all continents with sales offices, service centers and representatives in more than 150 countries around the globe. The company is a provider of innovative products and services who can satisfy centrifugal pumping needs of the oil and gas and hydrocarbon processing industries, pulp and paper mills and power generation plants, as well as water treatment and distribution, food, metals and fertiliser businesses.

12 July 2007

WEG Electric Motors (UK) Ltdvisit website
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