WEG delivers 27MW motor for wind tunnel application

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WEG has delivered its largest ever motor, a 27,000kW, 12-pole, 11kV slip ring induction machine, to CEGELEC UK for final installation in the early summer of 2008.

WEG delivers 27MW motor for wind tunnel applicationWEG has constructed a vast 27,000kW, 12-pole, 11kV slip ring induction motor that measures 7m long by 5m wide and weighs over 95,000kg. It is destined for use in a wind tunnel, where it will provide high MACH levels for the testing of aircraft. The motor will replace a 50-year-old English Electric motor and offers 40 per cent more power in the same size envelope. The increased power means that the new motor requires its own 132kV grid connection. WEG has been able to provide a 'total solution' based around this requirement by supplying a 35MVA 11kV/132 kV transformer with auto-tap changer, allowing the client to reduce his total installation costs substantially.

Richard Emery, WEG MV Product Manager, says: "The delivery to a UK customer of what is the largest motor ever built by WEG underlines our credentials as a major supplier of high-voltage and medium-voltage machines to the UK market. WEG is best known in the UK for its LV range of motors, but winning prestigious projects like this underlines the fact that customers are increasing appreciating both the quality and the price competitiveness of our larger machines, both MV and HV."

Before purchasing the WEG motor, the customer attended WEG's factory in Brazil for two design reviews with the engineering and manufacturing departments. At these reviews, his detailed requirements were discussed and incorporated into the design, making the machine easier to install, operate and maintain. This teamwork approach allowed the project to run smoothly, as was proved by the successful testing in October 2006 of what is possibly the largest slip ring induction machine ever manufactured.

Outstanding performance and high-efficiency operation

The wind tunnel motor is from WEG's M line motor series. Designed for larger applications in the output range up to 40MW and voltage range to 13.8kV, the M line range provides outstanding performance and high-efficiency operation.

Key to this performance is a design that delivers excellent structural strength and low levels of vibration and noise. The same design also provides the user with the flexibility for eight different methods of cooling to meet the constraints of individual applications.

On the 27MW wind tunnel motor, cooling is provided by four 22kW fans installed directly onto it in the motor frame. The fans are controlled by energy-saving WEG CFW09 VSDs and high-efficiency W21 motors. The drives monitor the HV motor winding temperature and control the cooling fans' speed to give optimum cooling and reduce energy losses when the main drive is lightly loaded or at standstill.

23 July 2007

WEG Electric Motors (UK) Ltdvisit website
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