900 smoke extraction motors supplied for Calle project

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Over 900 WEG smoke extraction motors are being supplied for use on fans installed on the 6.5km Calle 30 underground project in Madrid.

WEG is underlining its growing success in the global smoke extraction motor market with the supply of over 900 motors for use with fans in the Calle 30 construction project in Madrid, one of the largest underground projects in the world.

The Calle 30 project is being undertaken on the M-30 ring road around the centre of Madrid. It involves a major upgrade to improve traffic flows and open up new areas for redevelopment on a major route that is currently used by over 300,000 vehicles and around 500,000 people per day.

Part of the Calle 30 works involves the relocation underground of a 6.5km section of the motorway, which, at present, cuts off access to the river Manzanares from the city. This involves the cutting of no less than seven tunnels, which will free up the land on either side of the river, enabling the creation of parklands with pedestrian access to the river.

The tunnels vary considerably in width, height and slope over the 6.5km length, as they dip and turn to accommodate existing on and off ramps, metro lines, main sewers and the river bed. So, although the tunnel designs have been co-ordinated and the fire safety measures standardised, the level of risk at different points along the tunnels varies considerably.

Operation at 400degC

WEG is helping to address these risks with the supply of around 900 smoke extraction motors to Zitron, the largest Spanish manufacturer of mining and tunnelling ventilation fans. The motors are in two ranges, with power ratings between 15kW and 600kW and are rated for operation at 400degC for two hours and 200degC for two hours.

Prior to their supply, a quantity of the 400degC two-hour motors was independently tested at the laboratory of San Pedro de Anes (Asturias). These were 15kW and 18.5kW standard smoke extraction motors taken from WEG's regular stock. The motors have been certified by the CTICM since 2002; however, due to the large number of fans and motors that will be installed with these power ratings in the C30 project, additional tests were requested.

The tests were conducted in a heat chamber: they consisted of applying progressively increased temperatures to the WEG motors over a period of 7-10 minutes. At the end of this period the temperature inside the chamber had reached 400degC. The WEG motors were then required to operate reliably for two hours at this temperature. The outcome of the tests was entirely satisfactory, with the motors operating perfectly at the end of the test period.

About WEG's smoke extraction motors

WEG smoke extraction motors are certified to EN 12101-3 (Smoke and Heat Control Systems – Part 3: specification for powered smoke and heat exhaust ventilators). Designed to withstand temperatures of up to 400degC for two hours in their ultimate F400 classification, they are used in ventilation systems all over the world: in tunnels, mines, buildings, shopping malls, enclosed car parks, warehouses, stairways and theatres.

20 August 2007

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