Ceramics provide benefits for mechanical components

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Maxon Motor explains some of the advantages offered by ceramics for off-the-shelf and custom components.

Ceramics provide benefits for mechanical componentsAs acknowledged experts in the development and production of high-tech ceramic components for electronic drives and systems, the designers at Maxon Motor are constantly being asked to apply the many advantages of ceramics to new uses. Sterilisable motors for dentists’ drills are a good example, but in one new application maxon is also making ceramic drill bits and ceramic dental implants.

According to Keith Ellenden, CEO of Maxon Motor UK, this illustrates just some of the properties that make ceramic components superior to their traditional counterparts: “For a start, the ceramic materials we use are harder than any metal. In fact they are virtually indestructible. Only diamond is harder! Using the latest CIM (ceramic injection moulding) technology we can form the material, with extreme precision, into any shape – whether it be a motor shaft, a gear, a screw thread, a cutting tool or a tooth. For medical and dental applications, the fact that the material is totally inert and non-allergenic is another bonus.

“Maxon ceramic components will survive in any conditions, which makes them a better option in situations where other materials are being pushed to their limits. They are not affected by extreme heat, extreme cold or chemical attack. They are great insulators, allowing neither heat nor electric current to be transmitted. What is more, their low weight and excellent anti-friction properties contribute significantly to the efficiency of systems in which they are used.

“Ceramic components are already found in many off-the-shelf products within the Maxon range. If you would like help in identifying the best options for own particular application, our experienced product engineers will be delighted to visit you and discuss it. And if you identify a need for an entirely new ceramic component, we can arrange that too.”

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