IP20 decentralised I/O modules - Pilz to supply BMW

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BMW has named Pilz as its exclusive supplier of IP20 decentralised I/O modules for BMW factories worldwide.

IP20 decentralised I/O modules - Pilz to supply BMWPilz is to be the exclusive supplier of IP20 decentralised I/O modules BMW. In future, BMW will use the PSSuniversal decentralised I/O system in its factories worldwide. A prerequisite for this arrangement, however, was the development of a new head module with a Profinet interface, which Pilz duly achieved in close co-operation with BMW. This made the PSSuniversal decentralised I/O system a convincing proposition from both technical and economic points of view.

Thanks to the customised, certified Profinet interface, the PSSuniversal decentralised I/O system can be integrated seamlessly and safely into existing or new plant structures. Albrecht Feucht an automotive account manager at Pilz, comments: "We regard the openness of control solutions not just in terms of investment protection. We are really keen to give users the chance to choose the solution that best suits their project."

Under the scope of AIDA (Automation Initiative of German Domestic Automobile Manufacturers), German automotive manufacturers have opted to use Profinet as a standardised communication medium, though AIDA has also stated that competition needs to be guaranteed.

Standard and safety functions combined

Pilz says that BMW's decision in its favour was preceded by a comprehensive evaluation of the market and all available products. In addition to its openness towards Profinet, other criteria included the system's cost-effectiveness plus the ability to link standard control functions and safety functions. Intense co-operation and continual co-ordination with BMW during the two-year development period paved the way for the launch of a user-friendly system that meets BMW's exact requirements.

The integrated safety principle of the PSSuniversal represents a key distinguishing feature in comparison with existing alternatives. On the control system, the head module alone represents the safety-related subscribers, so that users only need to make the necessary settings at this central point; there is no need to assign awkward sub-addresses. Consequently all safety-related addresses on the Profinet master can be put to optimum use. Not only does this reduce the administrative work in assigning safe address ranges, but it also reduces costs, as less hardware is needed because the safety technology is concentrated exclusively in the head module.

Initial projects with the Ethernet-compatible PSSuniversal decentralised I/O system will be implemented in BMW's plants in Regensburg, Munich and Leipzig.

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