Compacta slip-on geared motors drive swimming pool covers

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R.A. Rodriguez is supplying Framo Morat Compacta slip-on geared motors for a wide variety of applications requiring compact, lightweight and quiet drives; swimming pool covers are a good example.

Compacta slip-on geared motors drive swimming pool coversSince its introduction to the UK three years ago, the Framo Morat Compacta slip-on geared motors have proved to be very useful for applications where space is at a premium. Supplied in the UK by R.A. Rodriguez, these units are designed for repeatable positioning and reversing tasks.

One application for which these credentials have made it a popular choice is driving swimming pool covers. The unit's compact dimensions enable it to be accommodated inconspicuously. Its compactness is achieved by the use of a spur and worm gear transmission, combined with performance-optimising motors. The motor is therefore said to contribute to the overall aesthetics of the system.

Models in the range are also claimed to be up to 10kg lighter than their nearest competitors of the same output torque and speed. Other important factors for this application are the motor's quiet operation and its IP65 splash-proof housing.

Standard models offer torques up to 600Nm and the modular design of Compacta also enables easy customisation from standard parts. The design's integral and easily adjustable mechanical limit switch complements this flexibility.

Compacta units can also be equipped with electronic limit switches with up to ten set points and two end positions. These are easy to programme, provide an absolute encoder signal and therefore ensure precise positioning and repeatability.

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28 September 2010

R.A. Rodriguez (UK) Ltdvisit website
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