Disposable masks provide convenient, comfortable protection

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ESAB Filtair Flat and Filtair Pro disposable respirator masks are being used by operatives at Ferguson Shipbuilders, regardless of the task they are performing.

Disposable masks provide convenient, comfortable protectionFerguson Shipbuilders is now specifying ESAB Filtair Flat and Filtair Pro disposable respirator masks for use in its fabrication shop at Port Glasgow, Scotland. Graeme Stevenson, the Health and Safety Officer, states: "We were using another disposable mask but working with ESAB and supplier Alpha Solway we decided to change to Filtair masks for quality and cost control reasons." Only ESAB Filtair masks are now used at the Ferguson fabrication works.

Best known for its ship building capability, Ferguson now also delivers engineering services across a range of industry sectors and is a leading provider of fabrication services for a range of applications. The company works in the fields of materials handling, fluids distribution, system hydraulics, power distribution and management, and civil engineering. Outputs range from large-scale structures - such as bridges and piles - to specialist mechanical engineering devices.

Stevenson adds: "In our 5000 square-metre fabrication space we could be building anything from a ship to a bridge, working with a variety of metals, TIG, MIG and MMA welding technologies, as well as using plasma and gas cutting equipment.

"At peak workload there could be 100 operatives working in the fabrication space who, to ensure safe working conditions, will all need ESAB Filtair respirator masks whether they are welders, grinders, fitters or other operatives.

"Working with ESAB we use the colour coding for the masks, which makes it a simple choice to decide on the appropriate level of protection for any particular task."

Compliant, comfortable and colour-coded

The Filtair Flat and Filtair Pro ranges meet the requirements of EN 149:2001 and are CE marked in accordance with the requirements of European Directive 89/686/EEC. Filtair Flat and Pro have been developed to improve the comfort of disposable respirators while maintaining an excellent face fit. Thanks to the latest filtering technology and low-profile valves, breathing resistance is reduced. Colour coding of the range makes identification simple.

Filtair's outer mesh shell supports the filter media, maintains shape and prevents collapse onto the face. A nose clip-free, preformed nose bridge provides a comfortable fit. The wide, continuous-loop head strap distributes the tension and avoids tight spots. The Filtair adjustable clipped head strap ensures a good face fit and allows the respirator to drop away from face when not in use. A low-profile valve maintains a full field of vision and reduces heat and moisture build up in the respirator.

For more details on Filtair Flat or Pro disposable respirator masks call ESAB Publicity on +44 (0)800 389 3152 or email .

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