Laser scanner benefits from customised spiral bevel gears

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R. A. Rodriguez has supplied customised KHK spiral bevel gears to MDL for use in a much-improved version of its Cavity Auto Scanning Laser System.

Laser scanner benefits from customised spiral bevel gearsFaster performance, increased capability and longer service life have been achieved by a new drive system on the upgraded Cavity Auto Scanning Laser System (C-ALS), which is a core product for Measurement Device Limited (MDL). Several of the transmission components that complete the drive system were supplied by R. A. Rodriguez, including KHK spiral bevel gears. These were rapidly modified from stock items for MDL's use, a service for which KHK, via R. A. Rodriguez, is now claimed to be a market leader.

C-ALS is a miniaturised, ruggedised 3D laser scanning system for safely surveying remote, inaccessible voids and cavities. The motorised two-axis scanning head ensures a complete 360-degree scan covering the entire void to a range of 150m (500ft). Its probe incorporates sensors for pitch and roll, and has the option of an internal compass. These sensors ensure accurate orientation and positioning of the scanned point cloud. A system of lightweight 1m rods provides a fixed azimuth and enables easy deployment down-hole, up-hole or horizontally.

In the process of developing a new generation of cavity scanning system, MDL has been working closely with R. A. Rodriguez on the selection and supply of a number of components for a much-improved vertical drive system. Modified KHK spiral bevel gears were an important element in the design, and R. A. Rodriguez is KHK's European master distributor for these products.

Smooth motion

These high-precision gears have high load ratings and run at speed with minimal noise and vibration, which were important performance factors for MDL. Options include fully hardened keyways and pilot bores that allow for additional customer modification. MDL took advantage of this facility without compromising the lead time.

Steven Ball Snr, MDL's Chairman, comments: "The new drive system allows the probe to scan four times faster than the previous unit. Its capability and service life is also increased many times over. The combination of a more robust drive system with C-ALS' improved ingress protection opens up the product's use in a number of new markets."

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