OGN Group purchases 120 welding helmets with air supply

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120 ESAB Globe-Arc welding helmets and Origo air supply units have been supplied to the OGN Group for use in the fabrication of offshore modules.

OGN Group purchases 120 welding helmets with air supplyEagle Welding Supplies has provided 120 of ESAB's new Globe-Arc welding helmets, with Origo air supply units, to the OGN Group for use in the fabrication of offshore modules.

Tom Brown, Director at Eagle Welding & Engineering Supplies (part of the Elmdale Group), comments: "Our customer, OGN, was happy with the specification and standard of the ESAB Globe-Arc helmets and battery-powered respirators.

"The helmets and respirator units are used at the OGN facility in Newcastle to fabricate the modules because of the concern for the health and safety of the operatives working in the plant. With ESAB Globe-Arc helmets and Origo air supply packs, OGN managers could be completely sure the welders and platers were working in safe conditions, whatever their location."

Fresh air supply

Globe-Arc prepared for Air offers full head and face protection and a flip-up welding visor, but with provision for a fresh air supply. This combination of features finds favour with welders or platers who need a compact, lightweight helmet for use with an air supply.

Globe-Arc prepared for Air benefits from a fixed Shade 2 or Shade 3 visor for operations such as grinding, and a flip-up Shade 8 or Shade 10 welding visor that, when down, still provides a clear view through the bottom portion of the fixed visor. Both visors give a wide field of vision for ease of use and safety, yet the welder is at all times protected from UV and IR radiation.

Compliant with all relevant international standards for welding visors and helmets (B Impact Rating to EN 166), the Globe-Arc prepared for Air is lightweight, compact and equipped with ESAB's Comfort headgear – so it can be worn for extended periods, even in cramped conditions. Globe-Arc prepared for Air has flame-resistant head and face seals and air ducting. Because the helmet is available with a choice of shades, it is truly universal: it can be used for MIG, TIG MMA, gas welding, plasma and oxy-fuel cutting, plus grinding.

Globe-Arc prepared for Air is fully compatible with the ESAB Origo Air battery-powered respiratory unit, which is a comfortable, lightweight and durable respiratory unit that is a snug fit on the welding helmets. Origo Air offers the welder clean, filtered air even in the most challenging welding conditions, resulting in increased comfort and safety. It comes with an eight-hour battery, P3 filter, comfort pad, waist belt and an air hose with a fitted Proban hose cover. Every Origo Air also comes with an intelligent charger to ensure prolonged battery life and reduce the risk of overcharging. The air filter is also equipped with a low flow alarm.

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