Explosion-protected motors for long-term Arctic operations

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WEG is supplying HV flameproof motors to one of Russia’s largest Oil and Gas projects inside the Arctic Circle

WEG W22XB high-efficiency motors are providing an explosion-protected product for Russian oil company Rosneft in the harshness of the Arctic Circle. Designed for long-term operation at temperatures down to -60degC, the W22XB motors are driving crude oil pumps in the giant Vankor Oil Field situated in the Siberian Region, Krasnoyarsk.

Vankor is one of Rosneft’s most important projects; and is also one of the largest industrial projects in Russia. The field is important for the development of Russia’s Oil and Gas industry, and for the Russian economy at large. This is evidenced by Rosneft’s investment of $2.7 billion in the field in 2012: a 3.8 per cent increase over 2011. There are plans to produce 18 million tons of oil this year, 20 per cent more than in 2011. In 2013, the company plans to bring the field to its design capacity of 25.3 million tons, by which time there will be a total of 425 wells on the Vankor site.

Oil extracted from the Vankor field is expected to be transported along the 4700km ESPO (Eastern Siberia Pacific Ocean) oil pipeline, when it is completed in 2014. The oil exported via the pipeline is destined for the Asian Pacific markets of Japan, China and Korea.

The contract for the flameproof motors, including seven units of the high-efficiency W22XB range, was awarded to WEG Electric CIS through its partner EnergoFront. The motors are frame size 450KH, rated 500kW, 10,000V, and Ex d IIB T4 classified area certified, according to Russian (GOST-R) and International standards. They are designed for an ambient temperature operation range of -60degC to +40degC, offering unmatched reliability and assured safety.

These W22XB motors will be driving crude oil pumps manufactured by JSC Nasosenergomash Sumy (HMS Group Subsidiary), which is the largest oil pump supplier in the region. They are special in that they provide flameproof protection and high levels of efficiency to reduce overall lifetime running costs.

ATEX/IEC Ex certified, the W22XB motors are designed to cope with the rigours of aggressive and explosive oil and gas atmospheres, while delivering premium efficiency, minimised noise and vibration, and low operating temperature for increased reliability and safety. As a result, the complete range – LV and HV up to 2000kW – delivers reduced energy costs and fast payback, especially in constant duty applications.

Performance, reliability and safety

The introduction of the W22X series means that WEG now serves hazardous area Oil and Gas markets around the world with the widest range of energy saving motors. Complementing the W22X range are the ‘H’ (MV) and ‘M’ (MV) line motors, which have been developed in conjunction with the global Oil and Gas industry. Used worldwide, these motors deliver outstanding performance, reliability and safety in the most arduous operating environments, both on and offshore. They combine many years of experience with a wide operating range, up to 30MW, and all hazardous area classifications in accordance with the latest ATEX directives.

Utilised on many applications including water injection, multi-stage gas compression and oil pipeline duties, the M-Line is WEG’s cornerstone product for the Oil & Gas market. Designed for larger applications in the output range up to 30MW, the M-Line range utilises a box frame construction that is suited to Ex.p. and pre-start purged Ex.n. applications for zone 1 and zone 2 areas, having low leakage rates. The internal dispersement pipes within the box frame ensure an efficient and quick purge cycle, thus keeping the cost of providing purging air/ inert gas to a minimum and, more importantly, providing quick start-up times for operators.

For smaller applications, WEG’s ‘H’-Line range offers robustness of construction and is available in safe area, Ex n and Ex e designs. The ‘H’ Line motors cater for medium voltage applications in the range up to 4MW and voltages up to 6600V (50 or 60Hz). Manufactured in IEC frame sizes from 315 to 630, they are compact and very reliable machines with sturdy cast-iron frames and high levels of resistance to corrosion.

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26 July 2012

WEG Electric Motors (UK) Ltdvisit website
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