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WEG W22 high-efficiency motors are providing energy saving operation on 100 pumps and blowers – some up to 160kW – in a major new waste water treatment plant commissioned by Canal de Isabel II, a Spanish public water company. The wastewater (sewage treatment) plant is a new project designed and implemented by project engineers Grupo Sacyr y Vallehermoso, using motors supplied by WEG Spain.

The €21.5 million project to build the new EDAR Arroyo QuiƱones sewage treatment facility was begun in November 2009 and is now nearing completion. The plant is ultra-modern, has a capacity of 45,705.60m3/day, and serves 172,500 inhabitants in San Sebastian de los Reyes, a municipality in the community of Madrid.

Among the total of 100 W22 motors supplied by WEG Spain for the EDAR Arroyo QuiƱones project are four 160kW machines for the blowers – supplied by Aerzen – which add air to the biological and other processes; another three 15kW motors, also for blowers; four sludge recirculation pump motors of 15kW, supplied by Sterling Fluid; and smaller denominations of motors for driving different processes right across the plant. The operation of these motors is mainly constant, but at different speeds, as determined by process requirements.

Javier de la Morena from WEG Spain, says: “We are obviously delighted that our high-efficiency motors have been chosen for such a prestigious project. The W22 motors have been supplied as part of OEM packages involving both pumps and blowers. They are used as standard fitment, because of their ability not only to deliver high levels of energy saving, but also reliability in what is a critical continuous process environment.”

The W22 motors are highly efficient in addressing the 90 per cent of total operational costs attributed to energy expenditure over the lifetime of typical motors used in pumping applications. They deliver efficiencies above the minimum values specified in IEC 60034-30, the new harmonised IE (International Efficiency) grading standard for three-phase cage induction motors. A key factor in this improvement in energy use is the W22’s new and aerodynamic frame, which increases airflow and reduces operational temperatures.

Javier de la Morena adds: “Today, electric motors account for as much as 65 per cent of industry’s energy usage, yet a huge amount of this energy is wasted, as organisations use solutions that are poorly designed, or inappropriate for their applications. By reducing this wastage with high-efficiency motors such as the W22 line, companies not only meet their environment responsibilities, but also cut their costs and improve their profitability.”

Built to last

As well as delivering high efficiency and reliable operation, the W22 motors are robust and built to last – highly important factors in the demanding conditions of sewage treatment plants. The motor housings, endshields, terminal boxes and fan covers are produced in WEG’s own foundries using high-quality cast iron, ensuring durability and high performance in aggressive environmental conditions. The fan cover is a new design that provides greater resistance against impacts, while the endshields have been designed to improve bearing heat dissipation.

Summing up, Javier de la Morena says: “This one of the latest in a long line of major projects where OEM pump suppliers have specified WEG W22 motors. Today, the same motors are used in some of the most prestigious pumping projects in the world: desalination plants, hydro electric facilities, irrigation systems, water and waste treatment plants, cavity pumping applications, oil extraction and major testing facilities, to name but a few.”

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09 November 2012

WEG Electric Motors (UK) Ltdvisit website
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