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Wealdpark Limited, a manufacturer of high-precision turned parts for a wide range of customers, is committed to supplying defect-free products manufactured to the most exacting standards. To help achieve these goals, the company has invested in DataTrack production management, contributing to an all-round improvement in production procedures, product quality and traceability.

Wealdpark supplies a wide variety of companies in many different industries, and this means that at any given time the company can be processing high numbers of individual orders. They all have to be administered quickly and accurately. Many customers also ask for input into new designs and, approaching it from a different viewpoint, Wealdpark can often help them to reduce product costs.

Wealdpark decided it needed a system like DataTrack because its existing system for quotations, purchase orders and order input required data to be input several times. This then had to be manually entered into the company’s accounts program for invoicing and financial records. It was a long and laborious process, open to frequent errors and omissions, so the company looked at a range of different software systems that would enable them to dispense with this repetitive manual administration.

Director Phil Smith says: “DataTrack virtually mirrored our existing layouts and seemed easier to use than other systems. It has enabled us to streamline our processes and we can now retrieve any information at the push of a button. For me, the biggest benefit is the ease of invoicing and transfer of data to our accounts software in just a couple of clicks. To be honest, it is difficult to see how we managed before we had DataTrack.”

Employees have been empowered to be responsible for their own quality and this approach has seen a dramatic improvement in product quality, while DataTrack’s automatic traceability system ensures rapid, easy and accurate ISO audits at the push of a button.

DataTrack Status Board display screens highlight critical progress on the shop floor, monitoring current and imminently due orders. They are visible to everyone and give real-time information and instructions. Any queries that Wealdpark have can be resolved over the phone within minutes directly with PSL DataTrack’s designers. This support is important because it prevents Wealdpark staff spending time looking for an answer to a query and, more importantly, ensures that orders are not processed incorrectly.

Investing in DataTrack has given Wealdpark the platform to reap the benefits of an economic upturn and take on new business without having to be concerned about the administration or increased overhead costs that may go with it.

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15 January 2013

PSL DataTrack (Prospec Systems Ltd)visit website
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