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Siemens Industry and Olympus Automation have partnered to deliver a system that reduces production time and enhances the quality of soups, sauces and ready meals to the global food and beverage market

The PDX Reactor is an advanced industrial steam cooker which significantly speeds up production times whilst improving product quality, ensuring improved texture of soups and sauces and enabling the reduction of salt and saturated fats from products. Following more than 15 years of working together, the two companies have agreed to partner to ensure the delivery and installation of the product and accompanying control system worldwide.

Food and beverage manufacturers can benefit from significant operational efficiencies with the PDX Reactor exemplified by the production of 1000kg of tomato sauce, which takes six minutes with the PDX Reactor compared with a traditional time of one hour.

Michael Stow, Partner Development Manager at Siemens Industry, comments: “The PDX Reactor is a fluid processing system which can mix, heat and pump simultaneously with unrivalled performance. It not only improves product quality, but speeds up production times and reduces waste, ensuring efficiencies across operations. We are partnering with Olympus Automation by providing the necessary control system technology to support its global growth plans with PDX Reactor. This partnership marks another milestone in our long and successful relationship with the company.”

Jake Norman, Strategy and Marketing Development at Olympus Automation, adds: “By partnering with Siemens we can ensure a high quality complete solution for customers looking to revolutionise their production of soups and sauces. In addition, we can be sure to offer a full service and support team for our customers offering technical advice and maintenance expertise. We have a strong market base in the UK and want to capitalise on initial successes in American and European Markets.”

A supersonic vapour flow and shockwave, generated using steam, is a crucial element of the PDX Reactor’s process. The low-pressure energy wave can be used to transport material and entrain or mix multiple powdered ingredients. In addition, there are no moving parts to clog or block and can be incorporated into a CIP system ensuring easy cleaning.

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Siemens Industry Automation & Drive Technologiesvisit website
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