A vital element in aerospace: ESAB delivers process stability

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ESAB innovation has helped shape the history of welding and cutting since the discovery of the covered welding electrode more than 100 years ago. Through the years, the company has played a pivotal role in many impressive projects around the globe – from aerospace to automotive, energy to shipbuilding.

A vital element in aerospace: ESAB delivers process stabilityTitanium – named after the Titans, the strong and giant gods of Greek mythology – has valuable characteristics for aerospace. This naturally occurring element is 30 per cent stronger than steel, but is nearly 50 per cent lighter; 60 per cent heavier than aluminium, but twice as strong. It is also highly corrosion resistant. When exposed to the atmosphere, it forms a tough oxide film that resists many corrosive materials, particularly salt water.

Russia’s VSMPO-AVISMA is the world’s leading manufacturer of high-tech titanium products and, as such, is deeply integrated into the global aerospace industry. A rising demand for titanium use in modern aircraft coupled with a welding challenge required a better production method. ESAB’s automated submerged arc welding offering gave VSMPO-AVISMA the process stability, automation and high-quality results it needed to continue to fly at the top of its field.

Follow the link to watch a short video about ESAB's solution to the problem of welding titanium in the aerospace industry.

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