Customised gearboxes take drives around a corner

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In answer to a special customer requirement, Techdrives has supplied a customised assembly for two right angle gearboxes using mostly standard parts. The customer needed to offset the drive line on a mechanical handling application with a solution that was fully enclosed, efficient and maintenance free. With a target of 250mm between shaft centres, chain and belt connections were unacceptable. Techdrives were able to offer a customised assembly of two standard Vogel spiral bevel gearboxes rated at 300Nm and with a centre distance of 258mm. The Vogel gearboxes are grease filled and maintenance free, also they have a high efficiency of 95 per cent.

Customised gearboxes take drives around a cornerVogel spiral bevel gearboxes are robust right angle drives available for torques from 10 to 8500Nm. Ratios of 1 to 6 are possible although in this case 1:1 was all that was needed. The selected gearboxes were size 250 rated at 300Nm. To simply achieve the offset by mounting the two gearboxes and connecting with a shaft coupling would require a shaft offset of at least 330mm. Therefore Vogel created a special assembly plugging a male shaft gearbox type K into a hollow shaft gearbox type H. The two gearboxes are standard and the casings are connected with a special flanged adaptor achieving a centre distance of 258mm. Using standard gearboxes minimises the cost and ensures good future availability.

Vogel spiral bevel gearboxes are widely used to turn machine drives through 90 degrees. The gearing is quiet, reliable and maintenance free with grease lubrication at low to medium input speeds. Standard backlash is below 10 arcmins and on request can be reduced to 4 arcmins.

Details of the Vogel gearbox range are given on the website

28 August 2014

Lenze Selection (a division of Lenze Ltd)visit website
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