Servos with safe motion control boost press productivity

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By upgrading its presses using Pilz PMCprotego DS servo amplifiers with safe motion control, Sona BLW Präzisionsschmiede has minimised its investment, increased productivity and enhanced safety.

Servos with safe motion control boost press productivitySona BLW Präzisionsschmiede GmbH from Remscheid, Germany, uses high-speed automated presses for precision forging components. This includes, for example, gears for automotive gearboxes. Having retrofitted its presses with Pilz PMCprotego DS servo amplifiers with safe motion control, the company is now enjoying much higher productivity and increased safety.

Safe motion functions

During the setup and maintenance of machines their movements can often only be carried out slowly and with restrictions in order to safeguard operators. The standard EN 61800-5-2, Adjustable speed electrical power drive systems. Safety requirements. Functional, defines the necessary functions for safe motion sequences. By applying the requirements in the standard, machine setups can be performed easily thanks to the functions Safely limited speed and Safe Direction, for example. The Safely Limited Increment function protects the operator when material is being fed in against uncontrollable feed movements. Maintenance work can be performed quickly and without risk thanks to the Safe brake test function. Functions such as Safely Reduced Speed were retrofitted through the combination of the existing press motors with the Pilz PMCprotego DS servo amplifiers.

No need to upgrade servo motors

Because the Pilz PMCprotego DS servo amplifiers could be used with the existing motors and gearboxes on the presses, the cost of the retrofit project was kept very low. The Safe Stop 2 function with monitoring of the braking ramp now allows a rapid stop upon opening a safety gate without the drives shutting down. Because the intermediate circuit voltage of the servo amplifiers no longer has to be switched off, the service life will be longer and a very rapid restart with minimal rejects is achieved.

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