Mitsubishi Electric integrates own Factory Automation products

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The Factory Automation Division of Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V. has installed an extensive range of building automation and security products in the newly built German Branch in Ratingen. The products and systems can be used for a variety of applications, for example quantifying, measuring, displaying, recording and monitoring current and voltage flows around the building. All the data collected can then be captured centrally and displayed using the MAPS life-cycle software tool (Mitsubishi Adroit Process Suite). Various set protocols for the building management system can also be configured using the MAPS integration tool in such a way that they can be visualised on a common interface.

Mitsubishi Electric integrates own Factory Automation productsVersatile products are deployed wherever systems or processes need to be automated and optimised. For example, installed systems can fulfil complex observation and operating tasks as well as optimising air conditioning and heating, lighting installations, security, fire alarm and personnel access systems. Among other products used, around 40 MELSEC L-series controllers feature in the new building. The L-series is a powerful, compact modular controller that already incorporates a host of functions as standard. The data logging function for example monitors and collects information that can be used in process optimisation, performance assessment, energy saving and increasing efficiency.

In addition, the Factory Automation Division has supplied virtually all the circuit breakers and residual current devices used in the building’s technical specification. Over 4000 of these circuit breakers are installed in switchgear cabinets located on each level of the building. High-voltage AC power switches and contactors in the sub-distribution rooms are responsible for distributing energy in the building and safeguarding the supply, while protective relays increase the reliability of the power distribution networks.

Using security technology to reduce cost

Another application of Mitsubishi Electric technology has been integrated for the internal and external security systems. Access control is implemented across the whole of the building complex, along with a Mitsubishi Electric video surveillance system. This high-quality digital system produces high-resolution images even in the dark, with any alarm messages being relayed to monitors in the reception foyer. Fire and smoke alarm systems add a further layer of safety using contact sensors which detect faults with smoke dampers. Using this technology helps to increase safety and significantly reduces the need for costly high-maintenance fire protection.

Further Mitsubishi Electric products installed in the new building include all passenger lifts, and all flat screen monitors used in the meeting rooms. The video wall installed in the reception foyer is also developed by the manufacturer of electrical and electronic appliances.

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15 March 2016

Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V.visit website
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