High-precision pancake motor helps test encoders down to -40degC

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When oil and gas instrumentation specialists Hohner were developing a new test rig for their rotary encoders they needed to incorporate a low-profile motor that could operate in the harshest conditions experienced in the industry. In particular, it had to perform precisely and repeatably at speeds of up to 6000 rpm in an environmentally controlled enclosure at temperatures as low as -40degC. To meet this demanding specification the company turned to pancake motor specialists Printed Motor Works, who offered to customise their GN12LR printed armature motor.

As well as providing very high torque from a thin profile, its use of rare earth NdFeB magnets enables this highly accurate motor to operate reliably at very low temperatures. Customisations carried out by PMW included the use of low-temperature adhesives and grease, and changes to the shaft to allow interchangeability of encoders.

Patrick Blochle, managing director at Hohner says: “The modified motor has met all our requirements, and is enabling us to test our encoders quickly and precisely under all environmental conditions.”

Printed armature motors are well suited for applications such as these, since their design offers inherently high torque, rapid acceleration and zero cogging. Hohner’s incremental and absolute rotary encoders find uses in virtually all branches of industry, in particular the oil and gas sector.

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