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For the German CNC expert, K&P Frästechnik, investment in new machinery to meet increased demand for its prototyping and short run metal machining was not the early success the company envisaged. The metalworking fluid it had used for years soon proved unable to maintain production quality at the higher speeds and coolant pressures. Not only did this result in a big downturn in efficiency but also a lot of expense. The race was on to find an alternative but ultimately TRIM MicroSol 519 from Master Fluid Solutions provided the answer.

Whether in special-purpose machinery manufacturing or at the Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters, high-quality parts made from titanium, vanadium steel, tungsten, aluminium or plastic produced by the experts at K&P Frästechnik are used to meet the greatest loads.

Having commissioned the new CNC machining centres to produce quality parts quicker, coolant problems became evident immediately. The higher speeds and overall pressure, as well as internal film cooling, caused the emulsion to split into oil and water. The old coolant was pumped out and the machines filled with an alternative but within a matter of weeks, that too started to fail.

A huge quantity of scum was produced that attacked aluminium, causing black marks to appear on the material. And the machine itself became heavily contaminated with oil. After further cleaning and refilling, additional biocides were added with the aim of preventing fungal attack. But all efforts proved futile and the problems remained.

Not only was product quality being severely compromised, the coolant failure was costing the company dearly. Coolant was exchanged no less than five times incurring machine downtime costing around 7500 Euros (£6500), coolant disposal at 3500 Euros (£3000) and refilling at 5000 Euros (£4500). In addition, there were costs for the biocide and associated non-productive time. In total, the cost penalty of unsuitable coolants came to nearly 16,000 Euros (£14,000).

Looking back, co-owner Michael Paulick explains: “We were under unbelievable pressure regarding costs and quality. If we had known about Master Fluid Solutions earlier on, we would have saved a great deal of money and many sleepless nights.”

Biostable coolant

In a last-ditch attempt to solve the problem, K&P Frästechnik contacted the metalworking supplies company Graushaar, based in Frankfurt, and this move proved an important turning point. Master Fluid Solutions TRIM MicroSol 519 was recommended and trialled. Unlike all the others, this coolant remained biostable without the need for any additives, kept the machines clean and, most importantly, assured the quality of the end product.

Co-owner Ralf Kusch adds: “Our machines have been running absolutely perfectly for two years now using the Master Fluid Solutions metalworking fluid. Through long maintenance intervals alone, we are saving several thousand Euros per year.”

The TRIM range from Master Fluid Solutions, developed in the company’s laboratories in Needham Market, are well suited for the German market largely because of their performance and health and safety attributes.

TRIM MicroSol 519 is a classic example of the company’s latest generation products, a general-purpose metalworking fluid that is both boron- and formaldehyde-free. It provides medium to high levels of lubrication without the need for chlorinated or sulphurised extreme pressure additives.

For K&P Frästechnik, TRIM MicroSol 519 is not only cost-effective because of its long sump life and stable performance. Very little of the product is lost on workpieces and swarf, and when topping up the fluid, just one per cent is sufficient, where previously between two and four per cent was required.

In total, K&P Frästechnik, require just one barrel of TRIM MicroSol 519 per year. When compared with the consumption of previous metalworking fluids, this represents a saving of two barrels over the same period.

Michael Paulick concludes: “The Master Fluid Solutions product provides the perfect combination for entrepreneurs – costs that are significantly lower with product quality that is consistently high.”

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25 July 2017

Master Fluid Solutions (Master Chemical Europe Ltd)visit website
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