Designline IPCs prevent downtime in food and beverage production

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Phoenix Contact has supplied its sealed Designline IPCs to Melitta for use in food and beverage production areas, which has eliminated failures and associated downtime, thereby saving the company around £3000 per quarter.

Designline IPCs prevent downtime in food and beverage productionMelitta group is a manufacturer in the food and beverage industry, making products for coffee consumption, storage, food preparation and household cleaning.

Due to the harsh environment and daily handling in the factory area, Melitta was suffering a lot of downtime caused by failures of commercial-grade monitors and box PCs that were unsuitable for use in an industrial environment. The failure rate, damage to monitors and cost of downtime with the existing machines was costing the company approximately £3000 per quarter. Phoenix Contact was invited to propose a solution to this problem.

Melitta needed a product that enclosed the I/O plate for the keyboard, mouse and USB connections. It needed to be dust-resistant, robust and tamper-proof on the I/O connections so end users could not disrupt the process. In addition, VESA 75/100mm support was required.

After evaluating the application, Phoenix Contact recommended its Designline IPC. This is a configurable IPC that can be tailored to each application's needs.

Phoenix Contact took a unit to the factory so Melitta could see the features, how it works, and how it would look and sit in the factory. Additionally, Melitta could test the unit and get a feel to see if it would work for them. Having done this, the operations team completely agreed that the Designline IPC met all of the requirements.

Features of the Designline IPCs include:

  • IP65 all round
  • I/O enclosure
  • Hardened glass screen
  • Aluminium enclosure
  • Dust resistant
  • VESA mounting
  • Sleek design
  • Powerful Intel i7 3.3GHz
  • RAM from 4GB to 16GB
  • Storage from 32GB to 500GB in HDD or SSD format

As the Designline is completely encapsulated it means that the harsh industrial environment cannot affect the application unlike the previous PC. All wires are completely enclosed in the IPC and therefore they cannot be removed or unplugged, which had previously been a cause of downtimes. Phoenix Contact's Designline has made the entire process quicker, clearer, faster and more robust.

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