Type 3 light curtains prove economical for system integrator

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Austrian system integrator SRW Automation & Services GmbH is using Pilz PSENopt II safety light curtains for a variety of automation and safety tasks relating to robot applications, rotary table systems, and infeed and outfeed conveyors.

Type 3 light curtains prove economical for system integratorSRW Automation & Services GmbH is using the latest generation of electrosensitive protective equipment (ESPE) from Pilz, namely the PSENopt II safety light curtains, on many of the systems it is building for customers. The key factors behind using this safety light curtain are its robustness and fast reaction times. In addition, these light curtains are Type 3 devices and Pilz was the only company to have these in its portfolio when SRW was looking for a suitable product.

SRW opted for a barrier-free safety system from Pilz in two different plants: PSENopt II safety light curtains safeguard the process on a carton filling station, which erects cartons fed in via a conveyor and then has a robot stack them in transport containers. They enable flexible loading and unloading, without disrupting the production process. PSENopt II light curtains are also used on an assembly cell where components are first placed in position and then pressed into a printed circuit board (PCB). Here the light curtains ensure that workers are not exposed to hazards relating to the integrated six-axis robot, the servo press and/or the indexing table.

Furthermore, SRW liked the way the PSENopt II provided the necessary versatility for the infeed/outfeed system. In addition, the overall safety system had to remain economical; the light curtains cover this with their Type 3 rating. It was also paramount for SRW to create a highly available complete safety system with user-friendly diagnostics and maintenance features.

Christoph Quatember, Installation and Service manager at SRW Automation & Service GmbH, comments: "We opted for the new PSENopt II light curtains from Pilz because they are the only light curtains that meet the requirements of category 3, with fast, simple assembly, which reduces the installation and commissioning phase and are suitable for almost all our tasks."

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21 August 2019

Pilz Automation Technologyvisit website
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