elobau helps make electric vehicle with chemical-free weedburner

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Alltrec has developed a fully electric vehicle with a chemical-free weedburner, and elobau has contributed to the development by supplying its joysticks and angle sensors.

elobau helps make electric vehicle with chemical-free weedburnerToday more and more companies and government bodies are focussing on low emissions and CO2 (carbon dioxide) control. Local authorities are investing in tools and instruments that are better or less harmful for the environment. Some are even striving to be CO2-neutral.

For Frank van der Staak, founder and owner of Alltrec, this was the perfect timing to start building a durable tool carrier that would be suitable for many different organisations. The vehicle is 100 per cent electric, low maintenance and quiet in operation. But, most importantly, it has zero CO2 emissions, making it a contributor to a better tomorrow.

Whether you want a professional gardening tool or a machine to process an entire sports field, Bert van Loon Groentechniek has the equipment you need. Their wide variety of products, as well as their maintenance service, makes them a trustworthy partner.

Bert van Loon Groentechniek invests in the environment by providing poisonless weed control. Instead of using harsh chemicals to get rid of weeds, the company found a more environmentally friendly way to deal with this problem. The hot air weed control instrument does not harm nature while effectively getting rid of weeds.

For operating the Alltrec electric multi-purpose vehicle, Frank needed to find a sustainable partner that not only delivers high-quality products; it is important to have a partner that shares the same values in terms environmental control. Frank van der Staak states: “We were looking for a partner that could not only deliver high-quality products, but would also share our environmental values. elobau did both.”

Alltrec has installed elobau’s J2 Joystick, a multi-axis joystick with three buttons on the handle. The function of this joystick is to control the vehicle speed and operate tools like the Air E-Variator. The operation goes through the CANBus system.

A logical choice

For Frank, having worked with elobau’s joysticks before, choosing to work with Elobau again was a logical choice.

Developed by Weedcontrol, the Air E- Variator eliminates unwanted weeds by using hot air alone. The fact that it works with only hot air makes this weedburner a poisonless, sustainable and effective tool for weed removal.

Anyone who has to deal with weeds knows that they grow best in places where the wind cannot reach. This means that a building’s facade or a corner is an easy target. These places are also not easily accessible with a tool using a regular sensor. A combination of an angle sensor together with Alltrec’s control panel makes it possible to blow the hot air sideways instead of only forward – useful for the more difficult spots.

That is why Bert van Loon decided to choose an angle sensor provided by elobau. Not only does this product make it possible for the instrument to detect and reach the tough spots; due to its durability, this angle sensor can withstand different weather conditions, moisture and heavy vibrations from the machine.

The main reason for this triangular collaboration to take place was mutual trust based on past experience. elobau has always been a reliable partner that strives to deliver the best products. Quality has always been number one priority. Both Alltrec and Van Loon Groentechniek were searching for durable and quality products. As the Alltrec and E-Variator will be used in adverse weather conditions, all components need to be robust and reliable.

In addition, sustainability is a key factor for both Alltrec and Van Loon Groentechniek. Both companies value a partnership in which all partners take responsibility for future generations. While Alltrec is producing a full-electric vehicle, Weedcontrol has made its tools completely free of chemicals.

elobau also feels a great responsibility for climate change. It operates on a carbon-neutral basis and promotes biodiversity through regional and global projects.

As with any partnership, communication is vital, both Frank van der Staak and Bert van Loon have stated that working with elobau has been (and still is) a straightforward process. Bert van Loon comments: “elobau is very accessible in their support. They are always ready to provide help or discuss any inquiries. We have been working together for 1.5 years now and I am happy to continue this collaboration.”

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