Motion plastics for medical applications

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Whether in handling applications or in laboratory equipment, where there is movement, energy chains are widely used to protect and guide cables and hoses. In the medical industry, however, higher demands are placed on the components, which must all run very smoothly and quietly, be cleanroom-compatible, media-resistant and corrosion-free and of hygienic design. igus offers a range of energy chains and cables, iglidur plain bearings and drylin delta robots developed specifically for medical technology.

Motion plastics for medical applicationsThe e-skin energy chain system provides cleanroom equipment with data, power and media without unwanted particles contaminating the air, as proven by the Fraunhofer Institute IPA. All three e-skin energy chain types, with and without cables, have ISO Class 1 certification, which is the ‘cleanest’ classification.

The CFROBOT8.PLUS bus cable is constructed specifically for high torsion applications, including robots and equipment with 3D movements. Supporting clean, medical applications, its PUR outer jacket is abrasion- and microbe-resistant.

The E2.1 energy chain series offers very fast filling from the side or from the top – along on the inner or outer radius, using a chain opening tool or screwdriver. Thanks to these features, its compact size and quiet operation, the E2.1 is suitable for use in medical equipment, such as scanners.

For rotating applications, the compact iglidur PRT-04 slewing ring features an aluminium housing for easy cleaning, and sliding elements made from iglidur J. The iglidur J material has a low coefficient of friction in dry operation and very low stick-slip effect for smooth movements.

Follow the links to watch a short video showing how igus motion plastics can be used in medical applications and for more information about how igus meets medical technology requirements.

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