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HBM adds eMobility section to its website
Register now for HBM’s latest webinars
Boost your measurement and analysis skills with HBM’s courses
See HBM’s latest measurement products at PPMA Total Show 2019
HBM helps school win award at Vex Robotics World Championships
Register now for HBM’s June seminars
HBM supports young engineers in robotics competition
New strain gauge installation video tutorials from HBM
HBM launches online training sessions
Free webinar explains selection, use and care of accelerometers
New series of free webinars from HBM
Free webinars offer a quick fix to keep skills up to date
Free measurement webinars from HBM
See HBM’s weighing products and systems at PPMA Show 2018
Grow your skills with free HBM webinars
Brüel & Kjær Sound & Vibration and HBM to merge
Free HBM webinar introduces new ClipX signal conditioner
HBM moves to world-class testing facility
Free webinars address test and measurement topics
HBM launches new online guide to strain measurement
Free HBM webinar: Piezoelectric or strain gauge technology?
HBM seminar brings you up to date with measurement technology
HBM adds new Tips and Tricks section to website
HBM study shows video in data collection is taking off
HBM webinar: smart technologies for mobile vehicle testing
Free webinar: data management for structural health management
Free webinars for industrial test, measurement and control
HBM announces webinar week dedicated to strain gauges
HBM offers cloud-based structural health monitoring packages
Webinar highlights use of strain gauges to access component life
HBM makes its stand at the Automotive Testing Show
HBM to exhibit award-winning range at PPMA Show 2017
HBM research shows video in data collection is increasing
HBM exhibit at Offshore Wind Energy 2017
HBM webinar: measuring in three dimensions
HBM announces date for free webinar on weigh-filling
Free webinar: piezoelectric or strain gauge technology?
HBM delivers essential information and support
HBM webinar sheds light on Fiber Bragg Grating technology
Get a measure on your results with HBM webinars
Webinar explores technical issues relating to automation systems
HBM takes the strain out of training with free webinars
HBM's electric drive testing system at Automotive Testing Show
Join HBM on tour at Silverstone!
HBM workshop: fundamentals of strain gauge installation
Transient testing made easy with HBM's 1-day course
See dynamic and batch weighing products at PPMA Total Show
HBM webinar: the technical possibilities of mobile DAQ systems
Get up to speed with the HBM Academy!
HBM presents webinars dedicated to QuantumX data acquisition
HBM announces latest series of informative webinars
HBM announces five webinars, on five topics, in five days!
HBM shop simplifies strain gauge ordering process
HBM offers Reliasoft customers a range of seminars
Advanced torque calibration service from HBM
Customise your force measurement requirements with HBM
See HBM's new electric motor and inverter test system
HBM expands sales team with Omer Mir and Rob Farnell
Free webinars and webcasts cover test and instrumentation
Fundamentals of dynamic weighing: 2-day HBM seminar
HBM course: Fundamentals of strain gauge installation
HBM provides maintenance contract for enhanced Catman range
Data acquisition and measurement training courses for 2015
November webinars cover wide variety of important DAQ subjects
HBM increases optical expertise with FiberSensing acquisition
HBM to showcase accurate and reliable data acquisition equipment
HBMshop offers September discounts and iPod prize draw
Webinar focuses on developments in checkweigher sensors
Force measurement to meet today's production requirements
HBM wins long-term legal dispute against Zemic
Webinar popularity results in more opportunities for engineers
Webinar programme of DAQ updates continues through to June
Food industry event to focus on accurate weighing technology
HBM seminars combine DAQ knowledge with hands-on experience
HBM's free online webinars: April
Free webinars cover topics to enhance engineering knowledge
Free webinars help update engineering understanding
Calibration service for force transducers saves time and costs
Free book enhances knowledge on Measurement Data Acquisition
HBM strengthens UK service team for optimum support
Free seminars explain modern measurement technologies
Discounts available on USB measurement technology
GEN2i wins award for “Best Designed Application”
PMX measurement system in MessTec & Sensor Masters Award
Free automotive BBQ focuses attention on hybrid drives
Educational events: weighing technology and stress analysis
HBM celebrates 25 years of ISO 9001 certification
Greg Todd named Sales Manager for Southern UK
'Measuring Torque Correctly' - new book on torque transducers
HBM demonstrates capabilities in wind power sector
HBM UK gains ISO 9001:2008 certification
HBM launches medical engineering web portal
New strain gauge catalogue includes selection flow chart
HBM reports results of data acquisition and analysis survey
HBM wins CE Design Award for high-voltage measurement
Online survey: the future of measurement technology
HBM standardises its software maintenance contracts
HBM Academy offers free Information Days
New free brochure for HBM force transducers

Product articles

HBM launches high-speed T40B digital torque transducer
Data acquisition amplifier module copes with harsh conditions
HBM launches improved piezoelectric force transducers
DAQ module benefits from CAN FD for increased bandwidth
Miniature piezo force sensors with wide measurement range
HBM's next-generation rugged, mobile data acquisition system
New DAQ system from HBM grows with your needs
HBM launches KFU series strain gauges for high temperatures
New compact Z6R load cells with capacities from 20 to 200kg
HBM Evidas software facilitates and accelerates data acquisition
New flexible module from HBM
New CX22B-R provides fast results in vehicle testing
Special strain gauges for temperatures up to 350 degrees C
ClipX next-generation signal conditioner is easy to integrate
All-in-one transducer measures torque, speed and angle
BraggMETER technology now available from HBM
HBM takes the pressure off choosing the right transducer
New intelligent C16i load cell from HBM has all the answers
New from HBM: WTX110-A Industrial Weighing Terminal
SCOUT55 amplifier from HBM: a sturdy device for mobile use
New CP52 communication processor from HBM
HBM introduces lightweight and flexible BU18 build-up system
Keep cool and get accurate results with HBM's strain gauges
Tested and proved for small forces
T22 torque transducer from HBM has been upgraded
HBM announces the flexible PW15iA digital load cell
FS02 BraggMETER high-speed optical tunable filter from HBM
New piezoelectric load washers in HBM’s PACEline CLP range
New HBM T12HP drives precise measurement results
WTX120 gets the most out of your measurement chain
HBM takes the strain out of PCB testing
Multi-component sensor measures loads and torques in three axes
HBM expands range of optical strain transducers
Precise high-speed torque transducer offers space & cost savings
PW25 and PW27 series hygienic load cells from HBM
HBM announces customisable force sensor range
Sensor adjustment made easy with latest HBM Technology
PACEline: force measurements at high temperatures
Improved insight when testing electric drive systems
A need for speed – HBM’s FIT5A Digital Load Cell
HBM increases efficiency with new interface module
HBM announces new PAD series of digital transducer electronics
New U10 force transducer sensor from HBM
New SomatXR modules from HBM expand range of applications
Four-channel module for torque, rpm, angle and displacement
HBM takes the tension out of weighing suspending loads
HBM's PMX system offers great performance in engine test benches
HBM provides the complete link to test and measurement chain
HBM welcomes an addition to its DMP family
Digital charge amplifier features measuring range up to 500 kN
Perception 6.60 designed for fast & reliable data processing
HBM offers T40B torque transducer for high rotational speeds
HBM go above and beyond the standard with load cell range
Compact & precise amplifier suitable for many applications
New HBM sensor for dynamic weighing
HBM provides precise measurements in tough conditions
HBM paces ahead with its new compact force transducer
Updated version of common API for flexible integration from HBM
HBM develops TIM-EC interface for a flexible system
Real-time PMX interface card: immediate results, minimal effort
New driver from HBM offers simple integration
HBM introduces GEN7i to its Genesis Highspeed range
HBM's new strain gauges make for quick and simple installation
Rugged data acquisition system for harsh environments
HBM’s weighing module increases heavyweight weighing accuracy
Module measures torque across independent fieldbus networks
Transducer for precise measurement of compressive forces
High-speed DAQ device designed for test bench applications
Upgraded miniature force transducer suits multiple applications
HBM data acquisition systems integrate seamlessly with DIAdem
HBM’s charge amplifier measures over 1MN securely and reliably
HBM releases upgraded digital charge amplifier
Industrial amplifier measures torque and angle of rotation
Synchronous measurement of high electrical voltages
FDA-approved gasket rings for consistent food hygiene
Measuring amplifier optimises production and testing processes
Thermoplastic elastomer cables for outdoor weighing applications
Virtual Instruments facilitate data flow in high precision tests
Encapsulated strain gauges for challenging conditions
Software update calculates electrical quantities in real time
HBM strengthens commitment to latest wind energy systems
Specialist strain gauges for fibre composites provide benefits
Accessories expand PACEline product range
96-channel mobile data recorder stores data at up to 200MB/s
Mobile data recorder improves high-speed data acquisition
Torque transducer has magnetic rotational speed measuring system
HBM raises standards in torque measurement technology
Legal-for-trade weighing indicator has modern interfaces
Parallel measurement of high voltages and mechanical quantities
New HBM models increase torque flange’s capabilities
Stainless steel high-load load cell benefits platform scales
Compact strain transducer improves industrial force monitoring
Loading foot simplifies construction of high-precision scales
Precise real-time communication in torque measurement
High-precision load cells feature IP69K degree of protection
Precision force transducer features S-type geometry
Data acquisition card measures 1kV signals with great precision
Upgraded measurement software has integrated sensor database
'Pocket-sized' compact temperature measurement amplifier
New module makes high-precision temperature measurement easy
Optimised transducer electronics for rapid dynamic scale systems
IP68 protection focuses force transducer for extreme conditions
New measuring amplifier module with multiple universal inputs
QuantumX modules focus on accuracy in demanding conditions
Gateway simplifies integration of digital weighing devices
Latest catmanAP software focuses on simplifying operations
Compact charge amplifiers measure very wide force range
CANape drivers enhance QuantumX measuring amplifiers
Robust torque flange provides multiple measurements
Summing box simplifies the use of piezoelectric force sensors
Modular measuring amplifier system for production measurement
Torque flange measures torque and speed in difficult conditions
Pre-stressing sets for piezoelectric force transducers
HBM launches comprehensive range for optical strain gauging
Interface/controller card boosts data acquisition rates
Pressure measurement gauges capture transients
HBM digiCLIP amplifiers can be used with FDT technology
GlyphXE Version 3.0 with integrated MATLAB scripts
DWS2103 digital scale display for 'legal for trade' scales
New Ethernet interface and free software for charge amplifiers
Specialist torque transducers for wind turbines
Strain transducer with integrated amplifier for analogue output
High-speed data acquisition cards for modular DAQ systems
Data recorder eliminates the need for a separate PC
Redesigned torque flange offers improved dynamic performance
HBM releases catmanAP v3.2 for data acquisition and analysis
Module for locating digital transducers in hazardous areas
PACEline CFW piezoelectric force washers rated at 100/190kN
HBM enhances TB2 torque reference transducers
HBM U10 force transducers offered with UNF threads
Reference force transducers with range up to 5MN
USB-based data acquisition for all measured quantities
ISOBE5600m receiver unit for high-voltage DAQ
HBM weighing products gain NTEP certification
Free EPLAN macros for MP85A series process controllers
QuantumX MX1601 16-channel amplifier is easy to configure
Shaft coupling enhances accuracy of torque measurements
HBM T10FH torque flanges gain ATEX approval
Three-component force sensor for aircraft assembly operations
Temperature compensation for optical strain gauges
digiCLIP signal amplifier modules with DeviceNet interface
Module translates measurement data into CAN messages
Industrial process control packages simplify integration
HBM K-OR optical strain gauge rosette is ultra-compact
IPM software interface provides process management data
catmanAP 3.1 benefits from improved ease of use
RY61M SG hole-drilling rosette is five times more accurate
S9M force transducer for high-accuracy load measurements
PW25 platform load cell is protected to IP68 or IP69K
PW27 platform load cell meets EHEDG requirements
MX878 output module converts measured values to voltage signals
Piezoelectric force washers are rated to 20kN
CMD600 charge amplifier integrates with machine controllers
Compact, rugged, IP67, CAN-based data acquisition modules
nCode GlyphXE 2.0 automatically corrects data irregularities
MX840A eight-channel universal amplifier for DAQ applications
GEN2i data recorder for industrial DAQ
MX440A four-channel universal amplifier for DAQ applications
K-OP optical strain gauges gain improved performance
Easy way to integrate strain gauge sensors with digital controls
Centralised control of production devices using FDT
CatmanAP 3.0 measurement software gains improved user interface
CANHEADdirect simplifies measurement system cabling
Silicone rubber covering agent protects strain gauges
Module interfaces torque flanges to fieldbuses
Temperature sensors mounts on flat or curved surfaces
Industrial load cells have a capacity of 750kg
New torque flange units rated to 500Nm and 3kNm
HBM launches FastPress force and torque measurement chains
Junction boxes ensure EMC compliance for torque transducers
TEDS-compatible process controller tests switch performance
User interface suits legal-for-trade truck weighing applications
Low-cost junction box connects analogue load cells
Torque flange suits process monitoring and test applications
Signal conditioning modules for industrial machinery
Thermocouple amplifier identifies transducers automatically
PACEline force transducers are compact, reliable and accurate
Strain gauges include RJ11 plug for rapid connection
Absolute pressure transducers boast enhanced performance
Industrial weighing system is 'legal for trade'
DLL software tools eases integration of digital transducers
Cleaning spray saves time when bonding strain gauges
EP150 one-component epoxy bonds strain gauges
Strain gauge incorporates solder tabs and strain relief
Tensile/compressive force transducer for torque measurements
Weighing devices connect transducers to fieldbuses
Torque flange incorporates coupling for easy mounting
Compact force transducers use piezoelectric technology
Battery-operated scale is optionally legal-for-trade
Force transducer helps to cut press-fit cycle times
New modules enhance data management software
Torque transducer is economical for general applications
Easy way to connect strain gauge devices to fieldbus networks
Signal amplifier stores calibration certificate on board
VDI 2646 torque transducer calibrations at standard prices
Strain gauge amplifier system now accepts RJ connectors
Amplifier operates with all transducer technologies
Pressure transducer gains improved vibration resistance
Torque transducer exceeds requirements of calibration standard
Force transducer suits industrial calibration tasks
EasyOptics module accepts optical and electrical signals
Compact force transducer features TEDS technology
Inductive displacement transducers have near-infinite resolution
Software is optimised for use with strain gauge amplifiers
HBM C2A precision weighing modules are legal for trade
Tensile/compressive force transducers include TEDS
T12 digital torque transducer includes Smart Torque
New MP85ADP FASTpress fitting and press-monitoring module
HBM C16 modules make tank weighing easy
Torque transducer also measures speed, angle and power
digiCLIP modular amplifier modules prevent overload
Strain gauges can be embedded in fibre composites
Video synchronisation makes data easier to interpret
Strain gauges include pre-assembled connection cables
New software suite for HBM MP85A FASTpress amplifier
Data collector ensures traceability of pressed assemblies
T12 torque transducer has low measurement uncertainty
MP85A FASTpress suits punch riveting machines' short cycle times
S2 force transducers measure tension and compression
MGCplus multifunctional amplifier offers faster set-up

Application Stories

HBM measurement system is user-friendly and time-efficient
HBM supplies hardware and software for canine gait analysis
HBM provides flexible system to measure stress
HBM load cells in LGC Automation weighing/packaging machines
HBM helps keep BLOODHOUND on track!
HBM load cells help Huub take the drag out of performance
HBM technology ensures wind power forges full speed ahead!
HBM supports Germany’s first complete nacelle test stand
HBM’s data recorder is on board for world record attempt
HBM waves to success with tidal power plant
HBM announces contract for Phase II of the ITER Project
HBM provides high-precision measurement in Bloodhound project
Precision load cells increase output in China
espressoDAQ measuring amplifiers suit service applications
HBM is sole supplier of load cells to Straightpoint (UK)
Crimping process monitor includes barcode-based traceability
eDAQ data acquisition system used in PACSCAT landing craft
Process monitoring equipment used in automotive assembly
Load cell and A/D converter used in sack-filling machine
HBM single-point load cells selected for weigh blending systems
HBM hardware and software selected for helicopter test rig
HBM DAQ equipment tests vehicle protective devices
Build-up system provides economical National Standard
Force transducer and amplifier boost PV module production
Simple optimisation of press performance

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