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Visit the VEGATRUCK on its tour of the UK
Innovation Award for VEGAFLEX GWR Sensor
100,000 bulk solid radar sensors from VEGA installed worldwide
Vega Apps, tools and more
PACTware Roadshow visits Manchester and Cork
Register now for the Fieldbus Foundation Roadshow
How to get a 5% discount off level and pressure sensors

Product articles

80 GHz radar now gets Bluetooth with Ex approval
World’s first 80 GHz radar level sensor for liquids
Vibrating level switch: a sensor for extreme situations
World first claim for tuning fork level switch
New guided wave radar with automated functions
Radar level sensor is cost-effective alternative to ultrasonics
Hydrostatic level transmitter is high quality and low cost
TDR level transmitter features optional remote housing
Vega radar level gauges now licence-exempt in the UK
Affordable level sensor uses pulse radar technology
Plicsradio wireless system makes it easy to connect sensors
Transmitters offered with backlighting as standard
DTM Collection 1/2007 now available from Vega Controls
Signal conditioning instruments for remote monitoring
Vegavib and Vegawave both sense solids

Technical articles

80 GHz radar: a matter of frequency

Application Stories

Vega level radar at Aston Martin works
Vegawave level switch controls packaging of Cup-a-Soups
Low-cost level detectors monitor lubricants in wind turbines
Europe's biggest paper machine to use Vega instrumentation
Guided wave radar suits measurements in confined spaces

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