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News articles

PULS DIN-rail Power Supplies gain rail certification
Live demos of PULS DIN-rail power supplies and PoE injectors
DIN-rail PoE injectors and DIN-rail power supplies at EDS 2018
Free UK-based technical support for power supply customers

Product articles

PULS launches Piano Mini 36W, 60W, 90W DIN-rail power supplies
24V 20A DC DIN-rail power supply with remote control of output
SmartFab Box records live power requirements, thermal conditions
DIN-rail power supply with IO-Link is ready for Industry 4.0
PULS DIN-rail power supplies come with long-term support
Compact, powerful and cost-effective DIN-rail power supply
High-reliability medical DIN rail power supplies from PULS
PULS DIN-rail power supplies with conformal-coated PCBs
Reliable DIN rail power supplies: only pay for what you need
PULS CP power supplies available with internal decoupling
New eight-port DIN-rail PoE injectors from PULS
24V/10A DIN-rail power supply: 95 per cent efficiency, 39mm wide
PULS launches PIANO cost-efficient DIN-rail power supplies
DIN Rail Power Supplies: compact and affordable
PULS expands uninterruptible power supply range
High-voltage DC input power supplies meet new UL and IEC Regs
Energy-efficient step-down DC/DC converter generates less heat
30W DIN rail power supply is compact, efficient and economical
PISA protection module safeguards PLCs and aids troubleshooting

Technical articles

Accurate measurement of power supply efficiency
Benefits of capacitor-based uninterruptible power supplies

Application Stories

High-efficiency DIN-rail power supplies light two million LEDs

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