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  • Sensors for measuring displacement, position, profile, gap, colour & temperature
  • Custom OEM sensors
  • Turnkey measurement systems

Sensors and systems for measuring, testing and automation

With over 45 years experience and more than 15,000 customers worldwide, Micro-Epsilon understands the need for accurate, robust, intelligent sensors and measurement systems. Whether it is distance, position, thickness, vibration, gap, profile, temperature or colour measurement that is required, Micro-Epsilon sensors and systems provide market-leading performance. Micro-Epsilon sensors are used throughout almost all industries; from automotive to aerospace, motorsport to metal production, semiconductor to subsea. Whether it is R&D, test, OEM or process control, Micro-Epsilon is certain to have a solution for you.

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Capacitive Sensors

Eddy Current Sensors

Laser Measurement Sensors

Infrared Temperature Sensors

Thermal Imaging Sensors

2D Laser Profile Sensors

Colour Sensors

Inductive Sensors

Magneto-Inductive Displacement Sensors

Confocal Sensors

Draw Wire (String Pot) Position Sensors

High-Speed Optical and Laser Micrometers

OEM Custom-Designed Sensors

Non-Contact Speed and Length Sensors

Turnkey Non-Contact Inspection Systems


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