Innovations in motion control for metal forming machinery

16 October 2006

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Siemens Automation and Drives (A&D) will be at the 2006 Euroblech trade fair in Hanover, Germany, presenting comprehensive motion control systems specially adapted for metal forming. With the Metal Forming Solutions software package, users get a 'total solution' for press operation and press-related applications. This allows press shops to adapt more quickly to changing production requirements. The presentation will also focus on energy efficiency in drive systems; the Sinamics S120 drive system provides inverters with regenerative feedback capability that can make a significant contribution towards reducing operating costs.

Metal forming requires flexibility, fast adaptation to changing manufacturing conditions, and higher machine productivity. Siemens A&D will present automation, software applications and services for operating and automating presses. Centre stage will be occupied by the Simotion motion control system and the software applications specially adapted for metal forming.

The Metal Forming Solution Package is described as a 'total solution' for operating presses. It allows mechanical equipment manufacturers to significantly reduce the time to market entry. With the support of the software package, users can adapt the press shop quickly and flexibly to new production requirements. The Simotion motion control system is platform-independent and, in addition to the compact version, it is available for the PC-based platform and the drive-level platform.

As in general mechanical equipment manufacture and plant building, the question of life-cycle costs, and energy efficiency in particular, is a defining topic in metal forming. Energy costs take up a considerable share of life-cycle costs. Siemens offers machine-level energy management for presses here. With the Sinamics S120 Active Lines Module (ALM) drive, for example, stabilised intermediate circuit voltage can be guaranteed using feedback units. This decouples the connected motor modules from the system voltage. System fluctuations within permissible system tolerances therefore do not affect the motor voltage. In conjunction with the clean power filter, system harmonics are largely suppressed.

In addition to energy savings, the economic effectiveness of the machine is also increased because the press line produces fewer rejects. Siemens A&D's presentation will be rounded off with drive components such as torque motors, configuring tools like Simatic WinCC flexible and Simotion Scout, and safety products and systems.

Siemens Industry Automation & Drive Technologiesvisit website
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