Consultants help machine builders comply with local regulations

06 October 2008

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Consultants help machine builders comply with local regulationsA machine that is fully compliant with standards and regulations in one country may not conform to national rules in another. Machine exporters are therefore faced with complex issues relating to regulatory compliance, and so too are users moving machinery from one country to another. Ensuring compliance in a cost-effective and timely manner is critical for such companies.

Fortunately Pilz, with its global network of subsidiaries, has the expertise and resources to provide appropriate support services. In partnership with the client company's engineering team, Pilz consultants conduct the required assessments and plan the necessary strategies to ensure compliance with the applicable ISO, IEC, ANSI and/or other standards, as well as interpreting CE marking requirements if appropriate.

The Pilz consultants and engineers will also ensure that the appropriate documentation is in place at the right time so as to avoid undue delays. This includes taking responsibility for the technical files and, where necessary, submitting them to the regulatory authorities.

Taking full advantage of the global network of Pilz subsidiaries, Pilz safety experts provide client companies with first-hand, local interpretation of the standards and regulations in force in the country in which the machine will be used.

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