Machine vision to be shown at Southern Manufacturing

06 February 2007

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Machine vision to be shown at Southern ManufacturingMultiPix Imaging will be demonstrating vision cameras and software on Stand I25 at Southern Manufacturing & Electronics 2007.

The possible applications for vision in modern manufacturing are virtually endless. In every industry, quality goals are tightening, production throughputs are increasing, and the demand for productivity improvements is continual. If a visual feature can be seen using a camera, there is an opportunity to use a vision system to inspect it, gauge it,

verify it or guide it.

Here are some examples of vision systems in place today using vision senors:

Assessing ink-jet printer cartridge production. Producing this type of component requires handling tiny parts at very high speed - in this case at over 4000 pieces per minute - and it is vital that unit costs are kept low.

The car factory checks for laser weld imperfections. It is not easy to spot the small holes, some of which can measure less than 0.3mm.

Automotive parts are being inspected. The vision system intercepts geometrical defects, local excess or lack of material. The customer gets 100 per cent quality control of production.

A brewery is able to make significant production and quality improvements by using the intelligent high-speed sensor. They now guarantee that beer crates and boxes of canned beverages contain the correct amount of product.

A chocolate manufacturing plant is currently detecting if the product is cut to the correct length and coated sufficiently.

Multipix supplies and supports world-leading machine vision components, including Cognex Vision sensors, and the company has a vast knowledge of real-world applications.

Multipix is well placed to advise on the best solution to vision problems.

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