ODVA unveils first edition of CompoNet Specification

06 March 2007

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On 23 February 2007 ODVA announced that the first edition of The CompoNet Specification had been published. The CIP Networks Library of specifications include EtherNet/IP, DeviceNet, ControlNet, CIP Safety - and now CompoNet. ODVA describes the CIP (Common Industrial Protocol) as a single, media-independent protocol that provides the interoperability and interchangeability essential to open networks and open systems.

Complementary to the entire family of CIP Networks, CompoNet meets the requirements of applications using large numbers of simple sensors and actuators by providing high-speed communications with configuration tools; this is combined with efficient construction, simple set-up and high availability, all on a single network.

Katherine Voss, executive director of ODVA, commented: "CompoNet will provide users with a network that is easy to configure and maintain, with comprehensive built-in error detection functions. Whenever large numbers of sensors and actuators are involved, wiring effort becomes a major cost consideration. CompoNet offers quick and easy installation using cost-effective flat network cable with pressure-clamping IDC connectors or round cable that allow for flexible cabling topologies including daisy-chain and trunk-line."

Hiroyuki Usui, chair of ODVA's Territory Alliance Group in Japan, stated: "The Japanese market has been longing for a high-speed sensor and actuator network that incorporates advanced configuration and diagnostics capabilities. CompoNet will meet this need and is expected to gain rapid widespread adoption. As the newest member of the family of CIP Networks, CompoNet promises to become a de facto standard for sensor and actuator networks, joining DeviceNet, the number-one fieldbus in the Japanese market, and EtherNet/IP, one of the fastest growing industrial Ethernet networks in the Asian market."

In addition to The CompoNet Specification, vendors can obtain toolkits directly from ODVA. These developers' toolkits, which include hardware and software, will provide vendors with assistance in getting started in the process of building products. ODVA expects to see vendor adoption initially in Japan, with products expected to be available in 2007.

About CompoNet

CompoNet provides users with a bit-level network to control small, high-speed machines and the CIP Network services to connect to the plant and the enterprise. Complementary to the family of CIP Networks (DeviceNet, ControlNet and EtherNet/IP), CompoNet fulfils all the requirements of applications using large numbers of simple sensors and actuators by providing high-speed communications with configuration tools.

CompoNet utilises Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) in its network layer. This approach combines with a physical layer designed to minimise transmission delays and automatically compensates for potential collisions within the CompoNet hierarchy to provide a deterministic network with the ability to update large numbers of nodes at state-of-the-art update rates. In addition, CompoNet includes an option for power (24V DC, 5A) and signal in the same cable with the ability to remove and replace nodes under power. Originally announced under the project name CipNet SA, ODVA announced in April 2006 that the official name would be CompoNet.

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