Lambda Europe wins manufacturing award

27 March 2007

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Lambda has won the coveted 'Manufacturer of the Year' award at the North Devon Manufacturing Association (NDMA) Awards 2007. Derek Carter, former Chairman of the NDMA, said of the company's entry: "Lambda is a truly world-class company, producing leading-edge products for a world market. You would be surprised where Lambda's products can be found: get into a body-scanner and they are there; go for laser eye surgery and they are there; go into a wafer-fab factory and they are there ... here is a company that deserves to be Manufacturer of the Year."

This year's awards not only commemorated local manufacturing firms trading on the world stage, but also marked the 10th birthday of the NDMA awards. Lambda picked up its award at the ceremony that was held in March at The Barnstaple Hotel in Devon. The event was attended by over 60 business leaders from across the South West.

Having recently celebrated 40 years of manufacturing at its Ilfracombe plant, Martin Southam, Director of Marketing for Lambda Europe, attributes the company's continuing success to: "A very loyal and experienced team of employees with expertise in a multitude of disciplines. More than 40 per cent of our employees have been with Lambda for over ten years and the average length of service is nine years.

"The Ilfracombe site now employees 300 people in one of the most advanced electronics plants of its kind and investment in the site continues. Product innovation has been synonymous with Lambda UK ever since those early days of utilising transistors instead of valves, and the plants at Ilfracombe have played a key role since 1966."

The initial building at Ilfracombe occupied 5400 sq ft and first-year sales were recorded at £500,000. Now there are two factories occupying 21,000 sq ft, making a significant contribution to TDK and Lambda's overall position as a market leader in the industrial power supply market worldwide.

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