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03 April 2007

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National Instruments UK and Ireland is announcing the 2007 Oil and Gas Industry Symposium, a free one-day seminar that takes place on Tuesday 15th May 2007 at The Hilton Aberdeen Treetops hotel. This Symposium is part of a series, presented by NI and partners, that reaches 13 major drilling and exploration cities across North America, South America and Europe.

The industry event highlights case studies from Shell Global Solutions, Bj�rge and FAG Industrial Services (FIS). The symposium kicks off on May 8 in Stavanger, Norway, and is sponsored by FIS, Fiber Sensing, Gavea Sensors, National Instruments, Optimation, UT Technology and vibDaq.

It includes technology presentations and in-depth case studies on how companies in the oil and gas industry have applied the latest measurement and control technologies in service, drilling, distributed measurements and oil field inventory management applications. Participants will discuss: technology trends during the panel discussion, and in-depth case studies will be presented for drilling, oil field service and inventory management applications. There will also be an opportunity to participate in hands-on training with National Instruments LabVIEW graphical development software.

Pete Zogas, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for NI, comments: "Energy is a critical issue for the global economy and NI is proud to support engineers in the oil and gas industry who use our programmable automation controller (PAC) technologies to deploy new drilling techniques, provide performance information to managers in oil field service applications, and help researchers developing pilot plants for oil and gas and alternative energy sources. The 2007 Oil and Gas Industry Symposium offers a forum for technology discussion, application knowledge exchange and in-depth technical training."

About the symposium

The 2007 Oil and Gas Industry Symposium, which will travel to 13 cities around the world from May to November 2007, features presentations from many of the event sponsors as well as regional oil and gas applications from major drilling and petrochemical companies. The European events include Stavanger, Norway, on 8 May, Amsterdam, Netherlands, on 10 May, and Aberdeen on 15 May. North American cities include Houston, Texas, Denver, Colorado and Calgary, Canada, while South American cities include Mexico City, Mexico, Maca�, Brazil, Caracas, Venezuela and Neuqu�n, Argentina.

Jim Ingerslew, North American Oil and Gas market manager for FIS, states: "FIS is excited about the opportunity to sponsor the 2007 Oil and Gas Industry Symposium. The event gives those in the oil and gas industry a unique opportunity to learn about technologies that deliver increased production and uptime. FIS is presenting how bearing vibration predictive monitoring can increase uptime and give managers the insight required to manage rotating equipment assets."

For more information and a complete listing of 2007 Oil and Gas Industry Symposium events, visit

How to register

Registration for the 2007 Oil and Gas Industry Symposium is free of charge via, send an email to or use the form on this page.

National Instruments Corporation (UK) Ltdvisit website
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