Revised list of machinery safety standards

20 April 2007

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Revised list of machinery safety standardsOne of the most valuable resources on the Pilz Automation Technology website is the list of current machinery safety standards. This has now been revised to reflect a number of recent updates and additions.

To make it easy for users to find the information they need, the section is divided into four sub-sections covering: Machinery Safety Standards; CE Marking Guides; Published Documents; and Packaged Standards.

As well as the changes to bring the standards listing up to date, there is also now a link to the EC's New Approach website where there is a complete list of machinery safety standards harmonised to the Machinery Directive, 98/37/EC. This is particularly useful for designers and manufacturers of certain classes of machine for which Type C (product) standards are available in addition to Type A (basic) standards and Type B1 and B2 (group) standards.

Pilz is an official BSI Distributor, so any BSI document - whether or not it is listed on the Pilz website - can be ordered directly from Pilz.

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