New Maxon motor catalogue has over 300 pages

02 May 2007

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New Maxon motor catalogue has over 300 pagesWith 332 pages, over 1200 small motors, almost 700 gearheads and a multitude of electronics, Maxon's new 2007/08 catalogue has never been more comprehensive.

Available in traditional paper format or as a PDF file, the Maxon catalogue contains all Maxon product lines: DC- and EC motors, gearheads, DC tachos and electronics. The new compact drives are also included; these combine positioning control, sensors and motor in a modern aluminium case. Further new products for 2007 are the RE 16 and RE 25 short version, the EC-powermax 22 with 90W, the dynamic EC-i 40 motors, the planetary gearhead GP 32 HP, as well as the ready-to-use speed controller DEC 24/3. Additionally there is a section in teh catalogue on Maxon ceramics, and there is a completely new section called Maxon special design.

Interactive CD-Rom

Maxon's interactive CD-ROM catalogue offers practical help for solving everyday drive problems and contains advice, calculations, product information - in fact, almost everything you need to know about drive technology. The catalogue section features all the information contained in the 332-page printed version. It gives all detailed information on brushed and brushless DC motors with diameters of 6-75mm and assigned power ratings up to 400W. The modular system with gearheads, DC tachos, encoders and resolvers is set out to make it easy-to-follow. All dimension drawings are also available in DXF format for import into any CAD system.

The Maxon selection program (MSP), which is included on the CD-ROM, helps users to quickly find the best drive system from the wide variety of combinations, without the need for complicated computer calculations. The variations and alternatives are displayed visually for speedy assessment. By changing the drive parameters, drive designs can be optimised simply and the effects highlighted.

Last, but not least, the MSP can be used to document the system configuration process. It is designed for technically-oriented customers to find solutions for their drive problems.

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