R.A. Rodriguez to distribute Framo Morat drive components

30 June 2007

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According to R.A. Rodriguez, the parallels between it and the German drive specialist Framo Morat are striking. In addition to having similar sales support structures and serving similar markets, both companies have common business values and provide a range of engineering services to complement their respective product lines.

This commonality has led a working relationship whereby R.A. Rodriguez is now responsible for Framo product sales in the UK and Ireland. The agreement, signed at the 2007 Hanover Fair, allows R.A. Rodriguez to market the full Framo range and call upon the company's extensive manufacturing and assembly capabilities for custom drives.

Framo's range of drive systems includes compact slip-on geared motors, linear actuators and push-pull linear chains, all based on modular design principles and customised to suit each application.

The Compacta slip-on geared motor comes with built-in limit switches and is an excellent actuator for reverse motion. Compacta units are available in four sizes with torques up to 600Nm and for speeds from 0.9-193rpm.

In a similar vein, the Mini is a range of extremely compact linear actuators with acme screws that are sealed to IP65 and available in stainless steel. Minimum space requirement is also the main selling point of LinearChain that is capable of long strokes despite its small size.

The core competence of Framo is the production of gears and, in particular, worm gears for which the company is ranked among the leading suppliers in Europe. A full range is available, including external and internal, spur, helical and spherical in modules from 0.5 to 6 and pitch diameters of 15-250mm.

Another of the company's key products that is Discpower, a dynamic, brushless and maintenance-free synchronous disc motor with integrated and quiet-running, low-backlash planetary gears.

Taking full advantage of Framo's comprehensive manufacturing capabilities, the company is also able to meet most custom drive requirements. In addition to special worm gear drives, it has developed, for example, a two-motor stairlift drive and intelligent actuators for tractors.

Framo Morat products are available from R.A. Rodriguez with immediate effect.

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