Lambda UK achieves ISO 14001 environmental standard

14 September 2007

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Lambda UK has achieved registration to ISO 14001, the world-class environmental management system, with the British Standards Institution (BSI). The registration applies to both the company's Ilfracombe sites.

While the registration process involved Lambda's H,S&E (Health, Safety and Environmental) Manager, Andy Dorr, virtually full time for six months, the movement towards environmental management began long before. Andy Dorr says: "We picked up on the environmental side of our business well over five years ago. In the meantime we have been putting in place many initiatives, but ISO 14001 will formalise and focus our procedures and processes."

While undoubtedly a large undertaking, ISO 14001 does integrate into Lambda's existing ISO 9001 quality registration procedures. This aspect cuts down on any audit duplication and, once the initial identification of environmental aspects has been completed, their management can become part of the day-to-day routines.

As well as the altruistic motivation towards registration, which has been encouraged from a corporate level, Lambda has experienced other benefits such as a large reduction in the amount of waste it sends to landfill (and the subsequent cost) plus a reduction in the Climate Change Levy (CCL) that all industrial companies pay.

Andy Door adds: "However, perhaps the most significant benefit of working towards and achieving ISO 14001 registration is the effect it has had on Lambda's people. The initiative has raised the awareness of all the people in the company concerning environmental management. Indeed, people have taken the ideas of recycling and energy efficiency home with them and this can only be a positive step towards lessening the impact we have on the environment."

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