Lambda UK wins award for sustainability

12 November 2007

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Lambda UK has won the e-Legacy Contribution to Sustainability Award for its 'War on Waste' campaign. The award was presented to Maureen Woodger, Lambda UK's recycling team leader, by Quintin Komaromy, Head of Commercial Marketing at Farnell, during an auspicious ceremony at the Tate Modern on 1 November 2007.

The inaugural e-Legacy Awards are said to be unique in the electronics industry in recognising a company's excellence in its contribution, motivation and achievement in corporate social responsibility. The Contribution to Sustainability Award recognises companies that actively encourage and contribute to sustainability of resources for the electronics industry or the local community.

Commenting on Lambda's 'War on Waste' recycling project, Maureen Woodger said: "The key to success in recycling initiatives is to make it easy for people. One of the first steps was to address the mountains of polypropylene and polystyrene component trays that were being used. We are now returning these to our supplier where they are reused. A very pleasant side effect is a saving to Lambda of approximately £40,000 every year, although our primary focus is to minimise Lambda's environmental impact rather than just save cost."

Andy Dorr, Lambda's Safety, Health and Environmental manager, who collected the award alongside Maureen, said of the project: "It has been very high profile within the company and very successful. The way that the employees have really joined in with the project is a tribute to them and they are even taking their good recycling habits, learned at work, back into their homes - which is obviously great news."

Lambda's recycling team has already set tough targets for 2008, including a further reduction in waste so that only one wheelie bin is collected per week, encouraging suppliers to reduce the quantity of expanded polystyrene they use, introducing biodegradable canteen food trays, and improving collection efficiency.

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