Industrial power supplies come with lifetime warranty

04 January 2008

TDK-Lambdavisit website


Lambda Europe is announcing that its HWS series of high-quality industrial power supplies now comes with a lifetime warranty as standard, which the company believes is an 'industry first.'

The reliability of Lambda's flagship HWS series has been field proven with a negligible return rate since its original introduction (with a five-year warranty) several years ago. The full range of models from 15-1500W, including HD heavy-duty and ME medically-approved versions, is covered, provided they are installed and used in accordance with Lambda's instruction manual.

Commenting on this unprecedented offering, Adam Rawicz, Managing Director, says: "In order to be able to offer such a market-leading warranty you have to have total confidence in your products. The quality and reliability of our power supplies is world class and thus our customers know that they can specify them without fear of in-service failures which obviously has lifetime cost implications."

For further details on the HWS series and more in-depth information about the terms and lifetime guarantee, visit or email

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