Industrial Tig welding equipment at promotional prices

10 January 2008

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Industrial Tig welding equipment at promotional pricesMurex Welding Products is promoting its air-cooled and water-cooled Transtig AC/DC 253iS industrial welding packages, with attractive prices available until 1 February 2008.

Designed for Tig or MMA welding operations, the Transtig AC/DC 253iS is state-of-the-art equipment offering excellent welding characteristics and performance in AC or DC modes. Specific features include preset digital setting and precise adjustment of welding parameters, a high-visibility LED display and the ability to run all types of MMA electrodes (AC or DC). Full remote control facilities with variable start point current are also included.

Precise control of welding parameters is achieved through the use of high-frequency switching inverter technology and a microprocessor-based controller. High performance levels are also assured – typically 250A Tig rating at 40 per cent duty and 250A MMA rating at 35 per cent duty.

Complete Transtig AC/DC 253iS packages include the power source, torch, work return, gas input hose, regulator and flow meter. Water-cooled packages also include a trolley and water-cooling unit.

More information on this promotion is available in the UK from Murex by calling Freephone 0800 3893152.

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