Kaydon bearings feature in Aerospace and Military Roadshow

26 August 2008

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Throughout September 2008 R. A. Rodriguez will be on a nationwide tour of aerospace and defence manufacturing sites as an exhibitor in the Aerospace and Military Roadshow. The Roadshow takes the exhibitor to the specifier rather than the other way round and, in the process, will visit most of the UK's leading manufacturers in this sector.

The focus of the R. A. Rodriguez display will be Kaydon bearings, a range that has formed the core of its business for more than 40 years. Kaydon Reali-Slim bearings are suitable for applications where space is at a premium and weight needs to be minimised. These bearings are available in both imperial and metric ranges and in different radial sections up to 1m diameter from stock - and larger sizes are available to order. Turntable bearings are a Kaydon speciality. There are models to suit every need from light to extreme heavy duty. There is also a Reali-Slim version of this range too, offering the benefits of small size and minimum weight.

The success of equipment designed for use in special applications can often rest with one or a combination of bearing features and that is where Kaydon custom bearings score highly. Manufactured and tested to the highest quality standards, special attention is paid to balls, bearing raceway geometry, finish and retainer design resulting in optimum bearing performance.

Follow the link for more information about roller bearings, Kaydon Reali-Slim bearings and thin section bearings from RA Rodriguez.

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