Lambda is now known as TDK-Lambda

29 September 2008

TDK-Lambdavisit website


TDK-Lambda will be the new name for Lambda. After parent company Densei-Lambda KK became a wholly owned TDK subsidiary in March 2008, an integration process with TDK's power system businesses was implemented and from 1 October 2008 a new division called TDK-Lambda Corporation will begin operating, creating a stronger company dedicated to innovating reliable power products.

Lambda's expertise in AC-DC switching power supplies and power modules, and TDK's leadership in DC-DC converters and DC-AC inverters, ensures that TDK-Lambda will continue to provide comprehensive and varied products for its customers. TDK-Lambda will be able to take advantage of TDK's acknowledged expertise in ferrite and multilayer capacitors to develop advanced components that will improve the efficiency and performance of TDK-Lambda's power supply products.

Martin Southam, European Marketing Director, comments: "The creation of the new division firmly places the newly named TDK-Lambda at the forefront of power supply technology worldwide. We now have an even greater potential for innovation, advancing power technology at an unbeatable rate. Customers can also be confident that reliability remains at the core of all our products."

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