Rockwell Automation offers industrial IT security support

04 February 2011

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Rockwell Automation offers industrial IT security supportSecurity is just as important an issue as office IT security, if not more so. Threats to automated plant come from worms and viruses, denial-of-service attacks, sabotage, unauthorised access (by both employees and people outside the organisation), as well as theft and natural or man-made disasters.

In the event of a breach of industrial IT security, companies could suffer unplanned downtime, or a loss of data relating to manufacturing, quality or regulatory compliance. It is even possible that there could be an injury or an impact on the environment. Rockwell Automation is therefore stressing that manufacturers need to take action to secure their industrial IT systems.

The company now has an extensive range of products, services and support to help users put in place and maintain layered security that protects the physical elements, network, computers, applications and devices. Both technical and non-technical issues are addressed.

Rockwell Automation's network and security services are divided into five steps:

  1. Assess
  2. Design/Plan
  3. Implement
  4. Audit
  5. Manage/Monitor

More information about these can be found at

In addition, the company has published a series of White Papers:

  • Securing Manufacturing Computer and Controller Assets
  • Production Software within Manufacturing Reference Architectures
  • Achieving Secure Remote Access to Plant Floor Applications and Data

Go to to find out how Rockwell Automation can provide support as an Industrial Networking Security partner.

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