Ennell Welding focuses on Murex Saffire products

27 November 2008

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Ennell Welding focuses on Murex Saffire  productsEnnell Welding is a long-established welding equipment supplier, known throughout the Leeds area for providing a broad range of products, coupled with excellent service. When the company decided to raise its profile by focusing on one brand, Murex Welding Products' Saffire was chosen to maintain and enhance Ennell's reputation in the marketplace. Furthermore, the Saffire brand, renowned for its association with safe welding and cutting, has enabled the company to expand into different areas by offering additional services and products to its customers.

By standardising on the Saffire range of regulators, hoses, torches and flashback arrestors and ancillary equipment, Ennell Welding can be confident that all the products now supplied will provide extended trouble-free service and also work very well together. This effectively eliminates any chance of a mismatch that could possibly lead to a dangerous situation or possible incident in the workplace.

Chris Butler, Managing Director at Ennell, explains his reasoning behind the increased alliance with Murex Welding Products: "We wanted to lift the game and up the standard of service we provide to customers. The only way to achieve that was by concentrating on the best equipment available. Having been in the business for many years, we knew how good the Murex Saffire range was when we decided to focus on their products."

Risk assessment and inspection service

Now, because of its close relationship with Murex, Ennell Welding has been able to introduce a worthwhile service to all its customers. The company can now offer a risk assessment and inspection service for end users' gas cutting and welding equipment. The work is carried out on customers' premises by Murex-approved gas inspectors who promote good practice in the workplace.

Butler continues: "We have been very pleased with the response from customers, particularly towards our new inspection service, even though it has only been operational for a short period.

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