Aerco is a 'one-stop shop for all types of lamps'

17 December 2008

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Aerco now stocks a broad range of lamps for all types of applications and industries. The range includes over 800 types of filament lamps for aviation applications (28V), the automotive industry (12 and 24V) and defence standard lamps for the military/NATO applications.

Also stocked are LEDs, incandescent, halogen, neon, projector, sealed beam, cold cathode, festoons and fluorescent types for the medical, rail, aircraft and automotive industries.

Managing director Rob Laughton says: "Although we are better known as an electronics and electromechanical component distributor, over the years we have set up a one-stop shop for all types of lamps. We have a wealth of experience in sourcing lamps from a wide range of suppliers, covering virtually any type of lamp for any industry. Many of our customers use us as a sole supplier of lamps as, with our expertise, if we do not stock a particular type we can source it quickly through our network of suppliers."

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