Innovations in power technology at Southern Manufacturing

12 January 2009

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At this year's Southern Manufacturing and Electronics show (FIVE, Farnborough, 11-12 February 2009), visitors to the TDK-Lambda stand (C37) will discover advances and innovations in power technology. An array of products will be on show, and there will an opportunity to speak to TDK-Lambda's power experts.

Demonstrating TDK-Lambda's expertise in digital control, and already identified by industry analysts as a technology that is really beginning to gain traction in the market, is the new EFE Series. These ultra-small embedded front-end power supplies employ a low-cost 8-bit microcontroller to achieve full digital control of the output and to handle housekeeping routines; this enables conventional analogue circuitry to be replaced without the associated cost premium that a DSP-based digital approach would bring. The first products in the range are the 300W EFE300, EFE300M and 400W EFE400 single-output supplies. The EFE300M meets the rigorous international safety standards for medical equipment – with 4kV AC reinforced input to output isolation and other specifications such as output to ground isolation of 1500V AC – making it suitable for use in B and BF-type medical applications.

Following the success of its PFE range of AC-DC full-brick power supplies, TDK-Lambda's PFE-S Series integrates enhanced circuitry to improve lightning surge capability (up to 6kV) and line interrupt hold-up time. Like the existing range, these integrated power full-bricks combine the AC to HVDC front-end with DC-DC converter into a single standard format. The fully regulated PFE300S and PFE500S models are available in 12, 28 and 48V nominal outputs and can be adjusted over a +/-20 per cent range. The semi-regulated PFE700S can deliver 714W with a nominal output of 51V and provides a high efficiency (up to 89 per cent) AC-DC stage for powering regulated DC-DC converters for multiple output applications – both parallel and series operation are possible.

DC-DC converters

Also on display are new additions to TDK-Lambda's PX family of single- and dual-output 15W DC-DC converter, which are available in open frame (PXA) and six-sided, shielded metal case (PXB) styles. The PXA series offers single-output models with nominal 24V and 48V DC inputs in 2:1 and 4:1 versions. The PXB series offers single- and dual-output models with a nominal 12V DC 2:1 version and 24V/48V DC versions in 2:1 and 4:1 formats. Output voltages available are 3.3, 5, 12 and 15V DC with efficiencies of up to 88 per cent.

Particularly suited to budget-conscious applications, TDK-Lambda will unveil the new 25W and 35W models in its LS series of convection-cooled single-output power supplies. These general-purpose units are claimed to be up to four per cent more efficient than similar products available on the market today – this efficient design achieves excellent thermal properties and offers higher reliability. The 25W LS25-48 model, for instance, achieves a typical efficiency of 85 per cent. Standard output voltages range from 3.3-48V DC, delivering currents up to 7A. To accommodate non-standard system voltages, the LS series is user adjustable.

To ensure you have your questions answered by the power experts at TDK-Lambda, arrange an appointment. For further details, call Beverley Hancock on +44 (0)1271 856600 or email .

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