Pilz PNOZ Classic safety relays no longer available

06 March 2009

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Pilz PNOZ Classic safety relays no longer availablePilz Automation Technology is no longer supplying PNOZ Classic safety relays, but there is information and support available for customers switching to PNOZsigma relays (pictured right). Pilz PNOZ Classic safety relays were the first such products on the market in 1987 and were quickly adopted by many companies as an in-house standard. However, Pilz has since developed the PNOZ X range, the PNOZelog range and, most recently, the slimline and multifunctional PNOZsigma range. With the advance in technology and increasing difficulty in sourcing components, Pilz has now discontinued the Classic range.

To help companies that have machines with PNOZ 1 and PNOZ V Classic relays installed, Pilz has introduced PNOZ 1 and PNOZ V relays in 90mm wide Pilz X range housings.

For customers using other models of PNOZ Classic relay, Pilz has published a PNOZclassic-PNOZsigma checklist to help the migration to PNOZsigma relays.

If relays are swapped on a 'like for like' basis during machine repairs, installers should ensure that they comply with the sections of PUWER (Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations) relating to control systems. Note that any physical changes to control systems MUST be properly documented.

If further advice or assistance is required, customers can contact the technical support team at Pilz by emailing , telephoning +44 (0)1536 460766 or faxing +44 (0)1536 460866. Outside office hours, technical support is available by calling +44 (0)1536 462203.

Contact Pilz to request a copy of the PNOZclassic-PNOZsigma checklist by emailing or telephone +44 (0)1536 460766.

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