Are you still using BS EN 954-1?

17 March 2009

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Are you still using BS EN 954-1?It has been widely reported that EN 954-1 is being replaced by EN ISO 13849-1 'Safety of machinery, Safety-related parts of control systems, Part 1: General principles for design' and that there is a transition period during which EN 954-1 remains current. However, on 28 December 2009 that transition period ends and EN 954-1 becomes obsolete, meaning that machine builders and system integrators will instead need to apply EN ISO 13849-1:2008 or, if more appropriate, the other functional safety standard for machinery, namely EN (IEC) 62061 'Safety of machinery - Functional safety of safety-related electrical, electronic and programmable electronic control systems.' [See this more recent announcement confirming the extended transition period for EN 954-1 - Ed]

To help machine builders comply with the functional safety standards, Pilz has provided information on its website about EN ISO 13849-1 and EN/IEC 62061.

In addition, Pilz Automation Technology in the UK has developed training courses that cover both BS EN ISO 13849-1 and BS EN 62061. It is suitable for designers, engineering managers and others involved in the design, specification or selection of safety-related control systems for machinery, whether they are working on new projects or modifying existing machinery.

Please contact Pilz to request more information about training courses for BS EN ISO 13849-1 and BS EN 62061 by emailing or telephone +44 (0)1536 460766.

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