Paper explains hardware safety integrity for SRECS

31 March 2009

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Paper explains hardware safety integrity for SRECSStewart Robinson, a Safety Systems Specialist at Pilz Automation Technology, will be presenting a paper entitled There's Nothing SILly about Machinery Safety - Hardware Safety Integrity for SRECS according to BS EN 62061 at the Safety Control & Instrumentation Systems Conference 2009: Process & Machine Safety, which takes place on 20/21 May 2009 at the De Vere Whites Hotel in Greater Manchester. Pilz is one of the event sponsors.

The Safety Control & Instrumentation Systems Conference programme has been devised to suit the needs of people responsible for the safety of hazardous processes or machinery installations. Attendees will include electrical and instrumentation engineers, plant managers and process supervisors, production engineers, and control system integrators.

On the first day of the conference the focus will be on process safety, while the second day will concentrate on process and machine safety. In addition there are pre-conference workshops on 19 May to look at IEC 61508 and the fundamentals of SIS design. Throughout the three days, experienced speakers will highlight and examine the critical issues involved in the application and management of functional safety systems. The event will provide opportunities for participants to discuss their experiences and applications, and will present cost-effective and secure solutions to safety problems.

Broad appeal

This conference provides an industry-wide forum to enable attendees to examine and discuss the latest international practices and standards in safety control and instrumentation systems. Case studies and practical applications will be presented by specialists experienced in safety life cycle activities such as hazard and risk assessment and the determination of Safety Integrity Levels (SILs). Topics will be relevant to a wide range of industry sectors including machinery and automation, chemical processes, energy and power, pulp and paper and petrochemicals.

Stewart Robinson's presentation will cover the general requirements of BS EN 62061 with regards to the integrity required and achieved by the hardware of a Safety-Related Electrical Control System (SRECS). Topics will include:

  • Determination of the safety integrity required for a Safety-Related Control Function (SRCF)
  • Hardware architectures according to 'subsystem' descriptions
  • Evaluation of the Safe Failure Fraction (SFF) of a subsystem
  • Architectural constraints on subsystems that impose SIL Claim Limits (SILCL)
  • Diagnostic Coverage (DC)
  • Common-cause errors in SRECS and the determination of the safety performance of a subsystem by evaluating the probability of random hardware failures

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